I went to tirupati with my family last week & had a vow to head shave if I get a baby. So, we decided to get done at our guest house but the timing was 6am-6pm so, we missed the opportunity. Later we went to Kalyanakatta where 24hrs headshave is done & we stayed in que. Later in the que TTD distributed a half blade & a coupon to get shave. We have to go to perticular Sl. No. barber & there will be que again. I waited in que & there were almost 7-8 people infront of me. Barber was shaving one by one within 4-5 min each. Later it was my turn barber asked me to wet my hair. I took water & poured on my head to make it wet. Later I gave coupon with some money & he kept it aside. Later I sat down, he asked me to bend front. He inserted half blade in the razor & started to shave from the middle portion towards front. It was a smooth & cool feeling for me. After that he shaved at the back side, then turned my head right side & shaved left. Finally he turned my head left side to shave at right. At last he just moved razor all over to make shave smooth. After this he asked me whether to shave mustaches also & I said yes. So, he shaved my beard & mustaches also. He said its over & I stood up. Later I cleaned my head.