View Full Version : Can anyone suggest Good slimming centers in Mumbai?

Swara Patel
06-04-2016, 07:33 PM
Hi, I am from Mumbai and soon I will be getting married and want to lose weight anyhow. I have tried all the weight loss options from dieting, weight loss pills, gels, cardio and what not but nothing worked for me. I want to give my last try to slimming centers, not sure about it. Can anyone suggest which one is a better slimming center in Mumbai?

Preeti Kaur
20-04-2016, 01:26 PM
Hi Swara,
First of all would like to congrats, stay happy, And i totally understand that its very important to groom yourself perfectly before getting married. And ill suggest you to please dont go for any pills or steroid,it will really harm you. Sec thing i will recommend you Prettislim slimming center one of best slimming center in mumbai with 3-4 branches located in mumbai. I have been there for 4 months, And for me it was really a magical experience that within 3 months i lost 5 kgs and also lost 30 com from tummy and thighs too, and after completing 4 months iam really satisfied with results. I will recommend you just switch to prettislim and see youself after some months, and you will really bless me for this..Thank you.