View Full Version : Expecting parents and baby delivery

Hari Mahato
21-03-2016, 12:06 AM
Hi Ladies,

this is Hari from Kolkata. My wife is in her 6th month of pregnancy and is at her parent's place for the delivery which is in Delhi. The problem is now that she is already in her 6th month I don't want to bring her to the Kolkata for the delivery, so it is going to happen in Delhi itself. Recently my wife has been reading all the stories about doctor's (in Delhi) intentionally doing C section to increase the fee, exchanging the baby due to greediness and even conducting unnecessary tests. All these have started to make us worried about what they are going to do inside the delivery room. I am very much concerned of my wife's and coming baby's health, so could you please suggest some reputed and good hospitals. It would be nice if they are in the vicinity of RK Puram or in South Delhi.