View Full Version : Solve the doubts. Does Netflix currently have a free trial system?

Ritcha Filterfar
28-06-2020, 01:46 PM
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Due to the news of Disney + canceling the free viewing service for 7 days, so many people start to wonder where Why some people find Netflix still available for free viewing Some people don't see it anymore. What is the problem with this when these various probabilities occur? The team then inquired to Netflix and got the answer that

Net Flix is ​​always striving to offer the best offers for our members, therefore we offer a variety of subscription options. Which makes new applicants may see different offers

Simple, each person may encounter different types of promotions. It should be a system that uses Netflix's method of thinking. On the Netflix Help Center page, it says the following about free viewing:For those who have never used Netflix, signing up now depends on how we will find promotions for new users. May use it for free for 30 days or pay first. If not satisfied, get a refund later.

As for why Netflix changed the format of this trial, it's unclear. Netfix didn't explain the reason to us. But it is expected that because some users are using Netflix trial accounts to make money Claiming to be a family account that can be viewed for many months But it turns out that the first month is over, it can't be watched

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