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Reluctant Chef

Reluctant Chef brings to you the delicious recipes from Indian and other Cuisines which are popular around the world. This section is authored by Nirali Sanghi (Founder and CEO -

 Main Course
Sauteed Garlic Zucchinireluctant_chef
Simply Tofu!reluctant_chef
Sabudana vada (sago pattice)reluctant_chef
Palak Paneer (Spinach Cottage cheese)reluctant_chef
Masala Baked Beans on Toastreluctant_chef
Shakarkandi Fruit Chaatreluctant_chef
Goan Sol Kadhireluctant_chef
Kand (purple yam)reluctant_chef
Lauki (Dudhi) ki subzireluctant_chef
Chana Masala (Chhole)reluctant_chef
The Daily Tur Daal Healthy and Sumptuous!reluctant_chef
Phool gobhireluctant_chef
Beetroot Rice Pulaoreluctant_chef
Eggless Pancakereluctant_chef
Stufffed Red Capsicumsreluctant_chef
Vegetable Rava (Suji) Idlis with Sambharreluctant_chef
Roti-Ghee-Gur Rolls or Laddoosreluctant_chef
Toasted Avacado Vegetable Sandwichreluctant_chef
Dal Dhokli - a popular Gujarati Sunday meal!reluctant_chef
Multigrain Pancakesreluctant_chef
Vaghaareli Rotli (Roti ki subzi)reluctant_chef
Methi Alooreluctant_chef
Veg Frankiesreluctant_chef
Sai bhajireluctant_chef
Aloo pohareluctant_chef
Wheat Falafelreluctant_chef
Penne Primaverareluctant_chef
Cream of Broccoli Soupreluctant_chef
Mung daal chillareluctant_chef
Potatoes, onions, cauliflower and Spinach pakorasreluctant_chef
Bhidi ki subzireluctant_chef
Black bean (chauli) chaatreluctant_chef
Beetroot Cutletsreluctant_chef
Urad ki daal Great accompaniment with Bajra rotireluctant_chef
Vegetable Momosreluctant_chef
Sprouts Bhelreluctant_chef
Cheese Salsa Sandwichreluctant_chef
Fresh Fruit Burrata with Pestoreluctant_chef
Kaju Katlireluctant_chef
Rasewale Aloo (potatoes in gravy)reluctant_chef
Avacado Salad with Charred Red and Yellow Peppersreluctant_chef
Sev Tamatar ki subzireluctant_chef
Chunky Guacamole Dip Very easy, very healthy, goes perfectly with nacho chips reluctant_chef
Kacche Kela ki subzireluctant_chef
Chocolate and Sugar Doughnuts Made by my son @sid_sanghi01123reluctant_chef
Penne pasta in Pesto Saucereluctant_chef
Crispy Banana Wafersreluctant_chef
Bhindi ki subzi reluctant_chef
Khajur Imli (meethi) chutneyreluctant_chef
Boiled Chana Chaatreluctant_chef
Baigan Bharta (smoked eggplant)reluctant_chef
Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancakes)reluctant_chef
Summer Peach Salad Simply delicious!reluctant_chef
Beetroot Saladreluctant_chef
Bocconcini cheese, Cherry tomatoes and Basil saladreluctant_chef
Grilled Potato Toastreluctant_chef
Daliya (Faada ni Khichdi)reluctant_chef
Stuffed Baked Potatoes -delicious!reluctant_chef
Watermelon sorbet - in 5 minutes flat! reluctant_chef
Ragda chaat - perfect teatime snackreluctant_chef
Pani Puri reluctant_chef
Baigan Aloo ki subzi (eggplant potato vegetable)reluctant_chef
Pakora Kadhireluctant_chef
Garlic dipreluctant_chef
Pineapple Winter Saladreluctant_chef
Phansi-gaajar-mattar ki subzi (French beans, carrots and Peas)reluctant_chef
Oreo milkshake Your guilty pleasure!reluctant_chef
Vietnamese Fresh Rolls with Dipping Saucereluctant_chef
Banana Chia Puddingreluctant_chef
Ginger-Orange Summer coolerreluctant_chef
Patta gobi (Cabbage) ki subzireluctant_chef
Homemade Pizza Crustreluctant_chef
Homemade Pizza and Pasta Saucereluctant_chef
Milk-based Fruit Saladreluctant_chef
Frozen banana icecreamreluctant_chef
Aloo Mattar ki Subzi (Potato Peas vegetable)reluctant_chef
Khowsuey (Burmese Bhel)reluctant_chef
Carrot Ginger Soupreluctant_chef
Beetroot Coconut Subzireluctant_chef
Mung Aloo Raita (mung potato raita) reluctant_chef
Peru ki subzi (jaamphal nu shaak) - Guava vegetablereluctant_chef
Simla mirch besan ki subzi (capsicum vegetable)reluctant_chef
Masoor Dal Soup (red lentil soup)reluctant_chef
Rava Upma (Suji or Semolina Upma )reluctant_chef
Methi Theplasreluctant_chef
Pulled Mushroom Tacosreluctant_chef
Cauliflower Filling for Tacosreluctant_chef
Roasted Corn Salsareluctant_chef
Pico de Gallo - filling for Tacosreluctant_chef
Roasted Pineapple Salsareluctant_chef
Cabbage, Apple and Carrot “Slaw”reluctant_chef
Roasted Garlic Cauliflower reluctant_chef
hatta mung (khaata mug) reluctant_chef
Apple dessert 3 minutes flat! reluctant_chef
Lauki Chane ki Daal (Dudhi chana ni daal)reluctant_chef
Apple Carrot Grape and Mint Saladreluctant_chef
Chocolate Moussereluctant_chef
Salted Caramel Saucereluctant_chef
Homemade Sugarcane Juicereluctant_chef
Spicy Thick Sev (Teekha Ghantiyan)reluctant_chef
GUR PAPDI (GOD PAPDI)reluctant_chef
KHATTA DHOKLAreluctant_chef
Homemade Chakrisreluctant_chef
BHINDI KADHI (lady’s finger curry)reluctant_chef
GUJARATI PATRAreluctant_chef
GUJARATI BHAKRIreluctant_chef
EGGLESS TIRAMISUreluctant_chef
Satvik Vegetable Saladreluctant_chef
Alkaline water (for Satvik diet)reluctant_chef
Herbal teareluctant_chef
VEGETABLE JUICE Green juice, very healthyreluctant_chef
Papaya Banana Smoothiereluctant_chef
GUJARATI KHANDVIreluctant_chef
Rice Khichu (traditionally Papad dough, yummy to eat)reluctant_chef
Butter frosting for Cookiesreluctant_chef
Butter cookiesreluctant_chef

>> Non-Vegetarian

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Reluctant Chef

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