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Newborn Care Topics..

You are here : home > Newborn Care > Baby's Sleeping > Tips for Mothers > Comments


Name: Tanima
Country: India
Waiting for some time before putting down your child in the crib definitely helps. You can also do the floppy arm test . During light sleep the arm of the child is stiffer if you pick it up and then gently let it go while in deep sleep it is floppy. So, try out this test before putting down your child on the crib. For more such interesting tips you can download the parentlane app

Name: Shibani (NewZealand)
Country: other
hey hey hey people! want some great advice from a little bird? there is a saying that a child needs just three days to change his habits. the sooner the better. so try to put your kid in his cot the first day (start it from thursday so that at the end of third day you will have weekend to take rest) during bedtime and draw the curtains and leave the room. he would at first get a bit confused and then cry but mind you that will be a cry of protest that no one is there to pat him or cradle him to sleep! after a while he might either stop crying and go to sleep or go on crying for another hour or so... but control yourself by not showing your face to him. maybe if he is persistant then go and soothe him for a while to go to sleep by putting your hand on his body and rubbing it gently on him. next, get ready for the second day, allow him to crib and protest again during night...but again don't try to enter his room. i know its is going to be really hard...i'm telling you all this by experience! be ready for the final third day when your kid will finally realise that you mean it when you put him to bed and draw the curtains and leave the room - sleep time folks!;o))

Name: Ginny
Country: usa
my baby slept throught the night at 6 weeks, 12 hours a night, then, at 4 1/2 months, she started waking 2 times a night again, and the only thing that will get her back to sleep is feeding her. i have tried and tried to let her cry, but, she won't stop and i have 3 other kids that i don't want her to wake up. i am my wit's end trying to get her to sleep all night again. she will be 6 months old in 1 week.

Name: Dave
Country: usa
your opinion that baby should be sleeping through thte night at six months is inaccurate and misleading. every baby is different so to try and set a standard for all babies is nonsensical. leaving a baby to cry is cruel and psychologocal damaging because they will learn their needs are unimportant. the greatest gift you can give your baby is to let her/him know that you are there for them always.

Name: mandm
Country: australia
we started the same routine for our second child as we did for our first. give them those first 2 (zombie) weeks to adjust to being in the big wide world. then you must begin the same routine every night. dinner, bath and bed. you must do it within the same time every evening. it takes them a few nights but in the end they get the idea. we have stuck to this routine since our daughter was born in 2000. now we have our 6 month old boy in bed at 6.30pm every night and our daughter in bed at 7.30pm. that leaves us some special time to ourselves. heaven!!!!

Name: erika
Country: usa
i think letting your baby "cry it out" for long periods of time is cruel. if you have the power to soothe your baby, whether it means staying up at night a little longer or getting out of bed to pick him up to show him you care, why would you want him to cry and feel a sense of desparation? babies are just that..babies and they need constant love and care. to let him cry it out will make your baby feel like he is left all alone and helpless and that is just cruel. the best thing to do is not to let your baby take long naps during the day. if he normally takes a one hour nap, wake him after 30 mins and play with him or take a stroll. keep your baby active during the day and stimulate his brain with games and toys, and he will get tired at night because of all the stimulation. not only will your baby get smarter, but you will get more sleep at night to if you spend the time stimulating him during the day.

Name: Zahava
Country: usa
i was horrified to read that you advocate letting the baby "cry it out". the baby will not "learn" to sleep through the n9ight (although he/she wi;ll eventually do so when you ignore their cries). what the baby will learn is that her parents are not there when she needs them.

Name: peanut
Country: usa
my 7 month old won't sleep through the night either - she is up at least once to eat but she will go right back to sleep - any suggestions?

Name: Jeri
Country: usa
my mom told me about the water trick, and it worked after 3 nights with my 1 month old son. he increased his milk intake during the day and slept through the night after that. bliss.

Name: Eric
Country: usa
i have tried to put my baby down and ingnor her crying, but she will go on for hours in the middle of the night crying for someone to pick her up. when she is picked up she almost instantly falls asleep in my arms. but, when trying to put her down again she automaticly wakes up when she reaches the mattress. what should i do???

Name: Stacey
Country: usa
i think crying it out feels cruel but all of the books say to do so and i know that i didn't do this with my son who was my first child and he is four and still sleeps with us and wakes up if he's not in our bed. now with my five month old i am trying that method of crying it out. i am surprised by how many people are saying this is "cruel". it's not cruel if you need time for yourself, time with your spouse and you know your child is exhausted and needs to rest. telling them you love them, rubbing them back a bit, kissing them, will help her know she loves you.

Name: Cindi
Country: usa
my six month old wakes frequently during the night and the only thing that has been working is to bring him to my bed. i have done a lot of research and although it sounds like it is still protested the "ferber" method is what i am going to try. it isn't suggesting crying it out it is a program that goes in intervals so the baby doesn't feel abandoned because you are going in there just not immediately and not constantly picking the child up out of their crib. we'll see if it works, i sure hope so because sleep is so important for children i don't care if i get any but my baby needs his :)

Name: STeve
Country: canada
our son is 5 months old and wakes in the night every 2 to 2.5 hours. he is a tummy sleeper and now turns over and crys. any suggestions?

Name: Angela
Country: usa
my son is 7 months old and he is just now learning to sleep through the night. i tried the "crying it out method" but it did not work. i just put him on a schedule (meals and naps the same time every day, and the same bedtime routine) and he started to adjust 4 days. all babies are different, but it will get better.

Name: Nat
Country: england
my 21 month old sleeps well through the day but at night when it's quite she wake's up. and she's awake untill 3:00am. she sleeps untill i turn the t.v off and shes awake 30 mins later .doesn't sleep agian till 5:00pm.

Name: Dawn
Country: usa
my daughter is 7 months old now, and wakes 4-5 days out of the week at night. she will wake up usually only once, but she wakes screaming. she dosen't want a bottle or anything, just to be picked up and rocked. we rock her back to sleep and she usually is fine the rest of the night. we have not idea why she does this or if we can change it. we tried let her cry and that didn't work. she just got wound up and screamed alot. so, much so it took us 45 minutes to calm her again. it's easier to just get up and it feels right, but its hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. we keep wondering if she will still be doing this at 5. ugh.

Name: ana
Country: france
my one month old baby woul take only 20-40 mins naps through out the day and night. he keeps this schedule atleast three days of the week and rest of the days he would sleep fine atleast 14-18 hrs. he will wake up to be fed and changed and then will go back to sleep. but some days, like i said he would only take several nap 20-40 min long. is it normal for babies his age? what can i do to change? please advice.

Name: Aash
Country: india
hi, my baby is of 9 month she is not sleeping at night whole day i am not feeding her but at mid night she wakes up she cries loudly & i have to feed her i & my husband cant sleep at night please help me i am working so it is difficult to wake at night.

Name: Mandy Gaoza
Country: england
my baby wakes up about two to three times a night to feed,how do i teach him to sleep thru out the night?

Name: ky morris
Country: england
my 11month old son does not sleep during the day but also wakes numerous times during the night.unfortunately we have got into all the wrong habits like rocking him to sleep and giving a night time feed. we have also tried letting him cry it out- this is failing dismally.also the baby whisperer advises that the cry it out technique is extremely wrong. any information on what we really should be doing would be gratefully recieved. last night i was awake from 3am until 6am. help!!!!

Name: tracey
Country: england
my son is just over four months old. he wakes frequently during the night and will only fall back to sleep with a breast feed. we are considering the controlled crying method. i have just ordered tracy hogg's book "the secrets of the baby whisperer". has anyone tried and succeded with her method?

Name: Tire Mom
Country: canada
my son is 6 1/2 weeks old now and he still wakes up ones at night for feeding. i try to increase the amount (5oz.)formula for his bedtime feeding but he still wakes up at night. what can i do to get him sleep through the night. help...i really need my rest to take care of him during the day.

Name: Iyer
Country: india
how can you let the baby cry..will it not have some adverse effect??? my son is 9 mths old and he still gets up. he does not sleep till i feed him!!!!

Name: nicki
Country: england
my son slept in his cot in our room until he was 10mths old he always woke at night i would breastfeed him and put in back in his cot as feeding would send him off to sleep..we then put him in his own room much to my sadness. the first few nights he slept though (he couldnt here my husbands snoreing i thought) but then he started to wake again seveal times a night everynight i then decided if it was after midnight he would come in bed with me so we both got sleep. by 13mths we were so tired we were told to try the controlled crying. it broke my heart to here him cry in anger and not getting his own way and wondering what was happing the first night i went back every 10 mins then 20mins etc this didnot work he knew if he keep crying i would come aventulary 3hrs he cryed for in total stopping when i enterd the room. i cried my eyes out and refused to continue i stayed in the room and kept my hand on his back ,when he stood up i would give him a cuddle over the top of the cot and laid him back down i repeated this every time antill he feel asleep not saying a word so the2nd night i did not leave the room but repeatedly laid him back down rubbed his back tried not to let the crying upset me but i still cried, after four day he would go to sleep with in minutes and no crying. i can now lay him down rub his back say night night walk to the door blow a kiss and he will look at me and smile ,i walk away and he goes to sleep so happy.. i know its a long message but it work and its not so upseting as leaving them to cry alone ..your there with them and they know you love them even thought they cry to start with ..change is hard to except even for a baby good luck everyone p.s bedtime routine is so important dinner bath story bed...enjoy you little love buddels..

Name: Tino
Country: usa
our 3 month old is breast feeding and also on 3 ounces of formula. she feeds every three hours during the day but sleeps about 4 to 5 hours during the night. our problem is not being able to lay her back down right away due to reflux. this poses a delay and has us losing even more sleep than usual. any thought?

Name: jo
Country: england
my baby was waking up to 5 times a night from 4 months. he always ended up in the bed from about 9.30. the only advice any health visitor gave me was to do controlled crying or let him cry it out. i was horrified at the thought of leaving a baby alone crying in the dark, although i came close to doing it as me and my husband nearly reached the end of our tether. luckily i found a book called 'the no cry sleep solution'. it was such a relief to read about other mothers in much worse situations (babies waking every hour at 1 year old!). i followed the instructions in the book and have to say it was hard - i moved a camp bed next to my babies cot and slept next to him for about 3 weeks, so that i was there for him straight away when he woke. the book teaches how to withdraw your support gradually so that eventually the baby goes back to sleep themselves. my baby only cried for a bit the first night when i didnt lift him out of the cot, but i was there to comfort him so knew he wasnt frightened. after three weeks he was sleeping through and i moved out. he sleeps through now most of the time, but if he is teething or has a cold he will wake in the night. because i know that there is a cause if he wakes it means i am a lot more patient and always get him out of his cot and comfort him. as soon as the spell of teething has passed he goes back to sleeping through. i am proud that i have never left him to cry, and hope that other mothers who feel uncomfortable with controlled crying will get some hope from the fact that there are other solutions.

Name: Kara
Country: england
my baby is 6month old only gets about 4-5 hrs sleep and sleeps for about an hour through the day! is my baby getting enough sleep?

Name: Sneha
Country: india
i have the same problem as iyer above. my "soon-to-be-1" baby wakes up quite a lots of time during the night and won't sleep unless she is breast-fed. the problem aggravated recently when i moved to london. to get her to stop taking breast feed, we started picking her up in our lap and then putting her back to sleep. now-a-days she has started crying more loudly and won't sleep unless she is fed. she sleeps near me - so feeling unsecure also should not be a problem. any solutions?

Name: MM
Country: india
i had earlier read somewhere that babies do not normally wake up at night post 3 months...i was looking forward to that stage but after that stage passed and my baby still showed no signs of a full night's sleep, i just thanked god that my baby was giving me a chance to hold, feed and hug him during the night. this holds even more imporatance today when my baby is 7 months and i have started full-time work which gives me only about one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening before he goes to sleep to play and interact with him. i think this is the only stage our kids really need us and the onece chance that we will get to reciprocate. after a few years priorities will change and no matter how mcuh you would want to stay by his/her side, they would not want it. so young mothers, don't fret and enjoy your little brats!!!!!!

Name: JHTmom
Country: usa
some of the moms on this site need to re-read what they've written. many moms seem to have trained their babies to expect multiple feeding, all-night playtime, etc. so why should the babies (over 6 months of age - under 6 months they may still need a feeding or two) want anything different?? watch your baby for sleep cues and set a nap and sleep schedule...and then set your teeth, because there's going to be some protest crying - from both mom and baby. however, it is not "cruel" to let a baby learn how to fall asleep on his own. it is much more destructive to deprive your child of this very important skill!

Name: Ushi's mommy
Country: india
i had earlier read somewhere that babies do not normally wake up at night post 3 months...i was looking forward to that stage but after that stage passed and my baby still showed no signs of a full night's sleep, i just thanked god that my baby was giving me a chance to hold, feed and hug him during the night. this holds even more imporatance today when my baby is 7 months and i have started full-time work which gives me only about one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening before he goes to sleep to play and interact with him. i think this is the only stage our kids really need us and the onece chance that we will get to reciprocate. after a few years priorities will change and no matter how mcuh you would want to stay by his/her side, they would not want it. so young mothers, don't fret and enjoy your little brats!!!!!!

Name: Nat
Country: new zealand
my son is almost 6 months old and he also wakes me through the entire starts at 11pm and every hour he wakes untill about 6am.i have tried the controlled crying,the routines,feeding him more solids during the day,his cot next to my bed and even the letting him sleep with me deal.what else can i do!any other advice from someone would be great...

Name: Linds
Country: canada
my son is just about 6 1/2 months and he still wakes up once a night for a feeding! he is a big boy and eats quite a bit! he isnt fat just really long 30inches and 20lbs 3 1/2oz so he needs the extra nutrients! for those fo you who are having troubles with your child waking up at night only once you should feel lucky! and sometimes babies just need the extra food because they are growing ...dont forget in the first year they do a ton of growing and sometimes although rough on us they need the food!

Name: Leah
Country: usa
my daughter is 6months old and is waking about 5or6 times a night i am out of solutions to getting her to learn how to put her self back to sleep. if anyone has any tips please tell me

Name: jacob
Country: usa
my son is 2 years still wakes up in the middle of the night and i have taken his bottle away but he still takes a sippy cup to bed i know that it is bad for theeth and i have tried to let him cry almost an hour then he starts to get a higth pitched scream. what should i do no more naps in the day i even try giving him a snack at night but he is going through a not eating stage help i need my sleep to and im starting to think he is too old for this not sleeping

Name: Deenie
Country: australia
my 7 month old baby wakes up through the night for a feed. i have tried controlled crying methods but she will scream (full on) for at least an hour an a half. im always so scared of what the neighbours will think and say!! does anyone else worry about their baby waking up neighbours with screaming through the night?

Name: Zahra
Country: australia
my 6 month old baby is my 3rd son. i thought i'd know how to handle a baby but he has been a handful from birth.have been trying the controled sleep method for 3 weeks now and it hasnt worked.they say you can introduce sedatives along with the controled sleep method for more difficult babies.shall try that leys hope that works.

Name: IrinA
Country: usa
my son is almost 6mo old and havent slept through the night. what can i do to make him sleep all night. couple times he slept throught the night but for the most part we have the problem please,please help. thanks, irina

Name: Becky
Country: united kingdom
my 7 month old son was sleeping through the night from 5 months old but in the last week has been waking up 3-4 times a night for his dummy, what can i do to get him back into sleeping through the night again?

Name: Icole
Country: usa
question to anyone that might have an answer, my 5 month old moves her head from side to side fast when she is falling asleep is this normal or should i be concern?

Name: NIKI
Country: india
my kid is 2 years now. she eats well, plays well and also dance/talks well. she is a super active but the main issue is she is not sleeping. in the day she sleeps for 2.hrs, like 1.45 to 3.00-3.30 and in the night even we force her from 9.30 she will not sleep till 12.30 or 1.00. nowdays, its becoming regular her sleep time is around 1.00 at night. she is 10.5 kgs, and 2.5" height.please help me out, becos she looks tall & thin

Name: Kathy
Country: canada
my son is 9 month old ,and he did sleep though the night until he was 6 month old. now he wakes up at least twice a night .i tried to give him a bottle ,but he does not wont doctor say it is from teething but he has four teeth now,he will sleep all night but it has to be with me, please help me.

Name: Pam
Country: usa
first time mom and loosing my mind. my baby was sleeping 8-9 hours a night by 3 months and i felt so blessed. now at almost 5 months he is up 3-4 times. i tried crying, put he is relentless. i am breastfeeding and haven't started him on solids.

Name: jennifer
Country: canada
i have trouble getting my sons to stay asleep.i have 3 sons, none of them were ever really big on sleeping. my youngest is 14 months and the middle one is 23 months, they both wake up on average 2 times a night each, they begin their morning between 5:30 and 6:00 each and everymorning. my 6 year old has also now begun to wake up at 6 as well. they only nap for an hour and a half during the day,i put them to bed at 8:00pm every night. i read all about the fact that babies need a schedule, and beleive me they have one. supper ,bath,story bed. i have tried everything, even letting them cry. but one always wakes up the other one. anyone have any suggestions. i am all ears and looking for a good nights sleep.

Name: Mindi
Country: usa
my son is 8 months old and takes naps during the day and is fed cereal in the morning, baby food for lunch and cereal again before bedtime and yet he still wakes up in the middle of the night, had a bottle then goes back to sleep again and is awake between 6 and 7 husband and i are at our wits end because we both work full-time.....any help would be grateful...thanks

Name: aly
Country: usa
i have a 6 month old who wakes up at least every 3 hours every night. if i am very lucky he will sleep for 4-5 hours at first then wake up every 3 hours. this is definetly better than every hour for the first 2 months. he is mostly breast fed with ceral for dinner and baby food for lunch. i just don't know if there is more that i could do to encourage sleep. his naps are almost nonexsistant during the day. i work 40+ hrs a week with his at work with me. i am exhausted! i don't mind getting up once or twice at night but 4-5 times is a little much. any advice would be appreciated.

Name: swapna
Country: india
am a mother of a 3 week old daughter. she sleeps througout the day.. only wakes up for feed every 4-5 hours.. but, in the night, she doesn't sleep at all and cries to be fed, every half an hour. i am tired of feeding her throughout the night. feel like i would run out of milk. as soon as clock strikes 6 in the morning, she just dozes off, for that's her sleep time ! should i forcibly wake her up in the morning, or, should i give some time, and wait for her to start sleeping in the night, on her own ?

Name: brittany
Country: usa
i have a 17 month old son. he goes to sleep between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. , but he wakes at all hours of the night crying. when he gets ready for bed it takes me 30 minutes to an hour to get him to sleep. i don't know what to do.

Name: Margarete
Country: france
my daughter is 9 months old and still wakes up at night and it is a problem for her to fall asleep. i breastfeed her and we carry her around, then put her back into her bed, let her cry a bit, max. 5 minutes, then take her again and try to calm her. when she wakes up at night, i take her in our bed, because it is a bit easier. however i am sooo tired and do not have a good solution either. during the day, we stick to the same times to put her to bed. in the morning it mostly works without much crying, at lunch time it is a bit more difficult, the worst is in the evening.

Name: charlotte
Country: United Kingdom
im 14 and im doing health n social care at my school n ive got 2 have a life like (electrical)baby for a week n this has realy helped me to understand more about babies n how the live n im realy lokking forward to it now after lokking at this

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