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Newborn Care Topics..

You are here : home > Newborn Care > All About Crying > Introduction > Comments


Name: Rajeshwari
Country: India
Babies cry for various reasons-it can be due to hunger, due to sudden tummy pain or may be they just want to communicate with parents. Other reasons might be due to some infection in the ears. These are some of the reasons babies cry. You can also download the app called Parentlane They give super amazing advices & tips on parenting and baby growth

Country: India
All the information is very useful. It will help me a lot. Thanks team India Parenting

Name: donna
Country: england
i would jut leave her to cry for a litle while

Name: gini
Country: usa
there are many people in my family, 2 parents and 3 other children besides baby. she seems to cry when everyone is busy. i am learning to let her cry a little longer in these situations although it makes me ache.

Name: Shibani (NewZealand)
Country: other
nope not at all times! my 2 year old son cries only in the evenings when we come back home from work. we amusingly call it his "week day evening syndrome" but in reality he just wnats attention from us. since the whole day he would be away from his parents in the daycare with other children and teachers, he shows by crying and nagging in the evening when he reaches home, that how much he had missed us whole day! initially we used to get upset and ignore him but now one of us sits beside him and shower affection for about half and hour or so. he gets back to normalcy after that. we now are slowly comprehending his actions and trying to understand his problems and finding out a solution for it! happy parenting!:0)

Name: Jessica Bueno
Country: usa
my baby is 3 months old and he cries alot, hes really used to some one holding him.

Name: hector hernandez
Country: usa
i have a 3month old baby crys alot in the night!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

Name: dan
Country: england
i like this story becauas it is for litul kids

Name: Tracy Macias
Country: usa
i have a baby of my own and he is a month old. he eats alot, every three hours or so he drink about 5-6 oz. i am 15 and i am getting the hang of taking care of my baby, actually i got so good at it that a nother mother asked me if i could babysitt her 3 month old. i said yes but that first day, that baby cryed repediately and very loud, i was not prepared for that. well i then asked the mother why did he cry like if they were hitting him or screaming at him and she told me that he did not recognize my voice. then i wondred if baby's are smart enough to determine who is and who is not their pearents.

Name: cassandra
Country: usa
i have twin girls they cry alot. i get big headaches im only 14

Name: tanya woodruff
Country: canada
i have twin boys who are very different from each other. they are a year old and often need to cry themselves to sleep. it is hard to listen to but sometimes just leaving them is all that works.

Name: SS
Country: india
my elder son used to cry a lot as a newborn. especially during the night. nothing used to pacify him. but gradually it the frequency diminished now he is 3+ but cries after waking up. my younger son who is 11 months never had this problem. this means babies are different and your are lucky if get one who does not cry

Name: Linda
Country: usa
sometimes babies cry because they want to be held close to you and be able to smell you and feel your heartbeat and know that you are there for them. enjoy your babies, and good luck, especially to those of you who are practically babies yourselves

Name: Sara
Country: other
i have a 3-months old baby. she is crying a lot lately. sometimes she is sleeping and for no reason she starts crying. this article really help me to understand that i am not the only one who has a baby who cries for no reason.

Name: christina rodriguez
Country: usa
i really liked this article. my babie is only two months old but she does not cry a lot. that is good because she is a good little girl. i am 18 and she is my first daughter. i thought it was going to be difficult caring for her cause i am still a freshman in college. my mom has no trouble at all caring for, and she gets really excited when i come home from school. i think she is smart and knows what is going on in the world. when i talk to her she smiles and laughs with me. of course she does cry but only when shes hungry. and she doesn't liked to be carried a lot, or she gets fussy. but she's my first baby so i like to carry her a lot. she likes it better when she's sitting up and looking all around, i guess to explore her surrondings, than to be in someones arms. she's my first and i love her alot.

Name: Amanda S.
Country: usa
i know from experience, with a colic baby, that it is very hard to let your baby sit there and cry. you always want to hold them but you also have to get things done when you're a single mom at 17.

Name: N K
Country: india
just like we do certain excersizes at school or join a gym later on babbies too perform excersizes by crying note if your babby is crying but looks happy and content dont think she wants to feed she is doiung an excersize i have seen my nephews nieces grow up in front of my very eyes i have two little grand daughters and a daughter is expecting a babby soon try to understand your babby you do no longer have to worry

Name: Sakina
Country: australia
i find this site very useful for would be parents and current parents as well. i have gone through a few sites, but this sites makes reading a pleasure and the information is very positive. also, this site captures a variety of topics! excellent information! =)

Name: Pragya
Country: hongkong
hi, my 3months is now getting much better as we had nice lecture from our doctor. who told us to make her routine instead of giving milk every now and then. that way its much better for us and also for the baby. first few days initially will be hard offcourse. now she is getting used to it. at night also sleeping and only awakes when she is hungry. i know its difficult to see your child hungry........but controlling is must. and also must check her or his comfort.......babies don't just cry for anything........we should know how to pacify them.... :o)))) good luck to all of you.

Name: Caroline Palka
Country: usa
my comment is why do babies cry when they get shots? do they not like the prick or something? my e-mail address is i appreciate it. thank you very much. sincerely, caroline palka, baldwin city, ks. 66006.

Name: Mark
Country: australia
oliver is 6 weeks, cries a lot and there is nothing we can do about it. i suspect he is a sensitive little guy and emotionally needy. all you can do is retain your sanity and hope it will all end in the 3 months they suggest. i sympathise with other parents in the same situation

Name: todd
Country: usa
he all ways cry becuas he likes to

Name: Seema
Country: canada
i know with my youngest child that wet or soiled diapers will promote a crying spell, whereas with my oldest child wet or dirty diapers don't seem to cause him any discomfort or grief.

Name: Neferterria
Country: usa
i really like this site. my teacher recommended this site to me because i'm taking a course in school called child development. in that course they prepare us to become parents when we are older or if we happen to become children at such a young age and this site really helps teens that are raising kids. so i have to say this is a really good site.

Name: Susan
Country: canada
i have a newborn that is a month old. she cries all the time. i was told that she is cholic. but how do i really know. i have tried all kinds of things to make her stop and im not having much success. please help. mom in need.

Country: usa
i am glad to read this articleabout babaies it helps me do reaserch before having kids

Country: usa
when will you answer the questions

Name: janet
Country: usa
my baby is just 5 days old, she hardly cries, she just wimpers, i am worried.

Country: usa
i am glad to read this articleabout babaies it helps me do reaserch before having kids

Name: CRAZY G.
Country: usa
i have a two week old baby and i am about to stomp her head in.

Name: Shadiamond
Country: usa
hi! my name is cecile my baby is 2 days old.i'm 15 years old an i'm proud to have my baby.

Name: It's only common sense
Country: usa
women under the age of 21 should not be allowed to have children. we have age limits for driving and drinking, but not mothering...what kind of nonsense is that? most of these kids will grow up to be predators or parasites on society. let all join together and stop the insanity!

Name: Stephanie
Country: usa
my baby is 3 weeks old and he seems to cry for no reason at all during the day. it drives me crazy but i just try my hardest to stay calm and enjoy my time with him. he truly is a gift from god.

Name: sonia
Country: united kingdom
all babies have thier own personalities and i feel its wrong to make an assumption that all babies cry for no reason.

Name: Gregory
Country: usa
i'm a proud dad that has started a new family after a rough divorce where my x-wife and the foc denied my parenting role as a father. now my wife and my 13 month old are very happy with both genders raising our child as god intended not the way the courts and bitter x's want.

Name: Gina
Country: usa
if your newborn baby (only a few days old) is crying alot, you should make sure you hold him alot, nurse him on demand and swaddle him. he/she is having trouble adjusting to life outside the womb. newborns have immature digestive systems. their stomachs are small, and their intestines are just getting used to digesting food...sometimes they could be having trouble digesting the casein protein in milk that the mother eats. if your baby is on formula, try to still breastfeed because it's comforting for the baby and he will feel safe in your arms. newborns to be in the arms of their mother. they are used to the motion of being inside an active person, so it's scary for them to be still in a crib all the time. they like sleeping in your arms, or in a sling on a person's body. if you can, try to swaddle him up in a blanket, (look online for intstructions, or buy a swaddle blanket from a baby store with velcroe tabs to snug up the blanket around the baby's arms and legs) they like to be confined a little bit because they are accustomed to being in a snug place with only a little bit of wiggle room. make sure that you allow for a burp after the feeding. all newborns have a mild case of reflux causing them to spit up after eating, so it's best to hold them upright against you after the finish eating, or even midway through a feeding-when they pause-, because they accidentally swallow some air while nursing. it could take up to 20 minutes for an air bubble to come out. if you put the baby down without a burp and he fusses and cries, pick him up again, because the air bubble could have moved around when you put him down and when you pick him up, it will probably just come right out with a little spit up or in a loud burp. check to get some tips for breastfeeding and other problems with babies.

Name: Rynae
Country: usa
women under 21 should not be allowed to be parents? i am a married, working, responsible and loving woman of 19. my husband and i are expecting our first child and i can guarantee he or she will be raised with love, discipline, and care. there are many bad parents in this world and plenty of them are over 21 as well as under. age does not make a parent.

Name: Rynae
Country: usa
women under 21 should not be allowed to be parents? i am a married, working, responsible and loving woman of 19. my husband and i are expecting our first child and i can guarantee he or she will be raised with love, discipline, and care. there are many bad parents in this world and plenty of them are over 21 as well as under. age does not make a parent.

Name: Bridgette
Country: usa
hi everyone!my baby is 4 months old and he does not cry often i guess i give him too much attention but as they say you can never give a child to much attention i do not agree with the person who said they are going to step on their childs head how would you feel if someone done that to you?? that baby deserves a chance but not with someone like you it is people like you who make young parents like me look bad but i am not a bad parent my baby only made me a better person and take on a lot more responsibilities but i love everyone of them!

Name: awew
Country: maldives

Name: tracy
Country: united kingdom
my 8 month old baby girl cries every time i leave the room and its not just a little cry its screaming at the same time, what do i do because i have to do some things by myself as having a bath, washing up and seeing to my 2 yr old son. i cannot hold her 24/7 and shes very heavy now, which isnt helping my back.any advice out there.thanks

Name: s.moya
Country: usa
my goddaughter just recently started to cry when i hold first i thought i might be pregant but i took a pregnancy test and it came up negative..but i just dont understand why she still cry

Name: google
Country: argentina
my is 333344444444444444444444 4444444months

Name: grandmacuddles
Country: usa
i have a 3 week old baby girl, my little miracle and sweetheart. i cannot tell, but i wonder if she is already crying tears. i have no idea when they actually do cry tears, but she is soooooooooooooooooo sweet. what do you think of the name briahannah (bree-onna) nicole? thats her name...

Name: Jeanne
Country: canada
my 6 1/2 month old boy cries every time i walk out of the room, be it just to the washroom right where i can see him and i'm saying "parker i can see you! here's mommy!" but he still freaks out... what should i do? my mother in law say "you shouldn't keep him on your side all the time" and i say "i don't!!" sooo what do i doo????

Name: Kambria
Country: usa
i'm 17 and i'm 7 months pregnant! i need help!

Name: sungirl
Country: usa
why does my 3 month old girl only cry in the evenings? you can put her down to play with her toys through the day but by 5pm you have to hold her or she cries

Name: brittany
Country: Australia
i think babys are the most custest thing in the world!!!! and i want 2 when im older!!! bye xoxo

Name: tamara
Country: Lebanon
im still 15 years old , and no i dont have a baby.but i just wonder why do all mothers keep on telling everyone , having a baby makes u tierd all the time !!! i think babys are miracles they are so sweet , you could eat them alife. i love babys and when im big enough, im going to have ten babys(as long as they dont grow up, i hate them when they grow up... heheh). bye

Name: Shobha
Country: India
why does my 3 month old boy only cry in the evenings? even after feeding

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