Learn Ways to Spend More Time with Your Children this Children’s Day

Are you able to provide the right amount of attention to your children? It may not be possible for you to spend a lot of time with them every day due to your hectic schedule. But, you can surely reserve some special days for this purpose. Children’s Day is one of such days which can help you get closer to your children!

Keeping this scenario in mind, Vodafone has taken an initiative called #Lookup. The idea behind this campaign is to encourage parents to cut-off the screen time and spend this time with children. Watch this video to find out how today’s tech-savvy parents are unknowingly depriving their children from attention that they deserve. There’s a lot you can learn from it. Watch the video right away and then take a look at some fun ways to celebrate Children’s Day with your children listed below:

6 Ways to Celebrate Children’s Day with Your Little Ones

Here are some fun and interesting things that you can do with your children on the occasion of Children’s Day.