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10 Things All Good Fathers Do For Their Children

10 Things All Good Fathers Do For Their Children

Involvement of fathers is extremely crucial for all-round growth and development of children. Therefore, all fathers must strive to be good fathers and fulfil their duties and responsibilities. Read on to learn about the 10 things all good fathers do for their children.

Good parenting skills require an expertise that cannot be read in a book – they slowly develop when you become a parent. Fathers are the most under-recognised figures, but they are equally capable of showering love and attention on their children. While a “perfect father” does not exist, fathers can show their love not through their words, but by their actions as well. With the support and guidance of mothers, dads can raise healthy and happy children who would enjoy growing up in a loving family. Have a quick look at the ten things all good fathers do for their children.

1. Teach Children to Respect Everyone

Every child should respect everyone irrespective of gender, social or financial background. Tell them that they should treat people as they would like to be treated. The value of respecting women is emphasised when the father is a caring husband for their mother. The son learns that women are equal and should be treated with respect. Similarly, a daughter learns that men are to be equally respected as well.

2. Respect their Individuality

Every child is not the same. Smart fathers show their children the way but gently push the child to walk by themselves. They recognise that every child is special in their own way and that they have their own opinion. They respect their children for what they are. However, unconditional love does not mean indulgence; it comes with its own rules and regulations.

3. Make Your Child Feel Safe and Secure

Your child needs a father, not a friend who climbs trees with them. Though it is fun to have a good time once in a while, your child needs a dependable father who would provide for his different needs, takes care of the family and takes decisions. Your child needs a stable home with love and affection.

4. Quality Time Counts

Though material needs are important, spending time with your children brings you closer to them. Understandably, it is difficult to squeeze out the time, but you have to. Your children will love you for making their dad-child moments count. Good fathers will not hesitate to apologise when they commit a mistake instead of using age as an excuse to escape the embarrassment.

5. Prepare Their Children for Life

Being a loving father, he wants to protect his child from the harsh realities of life. On the other hand, he teaches his child not to give up hope and taking shortcuts is not the way to success. Discipline is taught when he sets the example of a good lifestyle balancing work and play and saving for the future.

6. Value Education is Important

Parenting is not simply checking your child’s homework and grades; it’s all about making them a responsible person. Start with smaller responsibilities, encourage them to own up when wrong, teach them the value of money and learn with your child every day.

7. Enable Them to Take Care of Themselves

Children grow up to having their parents take care of them, but one day they will be alone. Teach your child the basic survival skills so that they can lead faithful and well-equipped lives when they live independently.

8. Have a Sense of Humour

Fathers are known to be strict disciplinarians, but teach your child to be optimistic and enjoy life within its limits – parenting is not only about wisdom, it is also about creating bonds with their children. Teach them to never quit.

9. Be an Example for Your Child

Sons and daughters look for a hero in their father – a successful woman always has a supportive dad with her and is able to choose a good partner in life. For a son, a good father can help him handle his adolescence, newfound aggression and need for independence.

10. Tell Them to Love Their Life

Love is happiness. Teach them the value of happiness and relationships. If you love your life, your children will learn to appreciate their life as well.
Therefore, fathers are equally important to the emotional and social growth of their children. Inculcate these values in yourself and then pass them on to your little ones – they will thank you one day for being an inspiration during their growing up days.

What are the important roles and responsibilities of fathers? How can one be a good father? What are the characteristics of a good father? Discuss here.

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Alesha.6 years ago
Like mothers, fathers should also be completely involved in the upbringing of children.
Malti.6 years ago
Helping moms while raising children is all that a good father can do.
Sonia.6 years ago
Good fathers are always available for their kids whenever they need him.
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