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What to do if your partner is avoiding you?

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Is your boyfriend or girlfriend avoiding you? Is your partner ignoring your calls? Read on to know what to do when a loved one ignores you.

Pooja and Manish met online through a dating website. They confessed their love for each other. For first few months everything was going good. Late night phone conversations, kisses and hugs, lying at home about a relationship and watching the sunset together, all felt so nice. Few days later Manish felt that Pooja is ignoring him. He confronted her about her behavior. She said she wanted to end the relationship. Manish did not probe too much and moved on.

Do you think Manish did the right thing? Moving on without knowing the reason of ignorance is not always possible. If relationship is stumbling, it is better to end it on a good note instead of making things worse. If your partner is avoiding you, having a word with him or her can improve the situation. There can be some misunderstanding. However, being pushy does not help.

Is he or she ignoring me?

When suddenly there is something wrong with your partner, when you feel everything is not okay, when you start finding loop holes in a relationship and when your partner ignores you, you know it is time to do something to save your relationship. Following are signs that show your partner is trying to ignore you.

  • Your partner does not answer your calls and avoid calling you back
  • Your partner spends more time with friends
  • Your partner avoids giving you missed calls or sending you text message
  • You partner does not look forward to meeting you and gives reasons
  • Your partner says that he or she needs some space
  • Your partner does not include you in his or her plans anymore

What to do if your partner is avoiding you

If you are sure that your partner is avoiding and ignoring you, you need to make a move. Do not overreact, do not be overanxious, the problem with your relationship might be trivial. Once you have identified the problem, it is time to bring it to the notice of your partner. Hard as it may seem and be difficult to do but it can save you many ugly moments.


Communication, commitment, trust and love are the characteristics of a successful relationship. If your relationship is missing even one of these qualities, it may tumble. Love is like a delicate thread and open communication is the best way to keep the bond strong. If you are feeing that your partner is falling out of love, go and talk to him. Ask him why he is ignoring you. He may keep his cell phone switched off just to avoid you. Meet him in person. Avoid discussing things over the phone, through text messages, via e-mails or through chats. Do it face to face.

Seek explanation

Tell him that you have noticed that he is avoiding you and you need an explanation. Tell him that you would not go without getting proper answers to your doubts. Do not say something that will hurt your partner's feelings. You are still together. Your partner may be going through a bad phase. He may be depressed as he got rejected in the job interview or he is hesitating to tell you something. Find out the root cause of his behavior. Life will surely get on track once again. However remember you do not have to be forceful and keep calling every minute, demanding an explanation.

Give some space

Sometimes emotions are hard to understand. Give your partner some space. Leave him alone for a few days. When he will be okay, he will get back to you. Meanwhile spend time alone. Let your partner spend time alone so he will get time to know the situation in better ways. Do not argue or blame your partner. Do not say things like, ‘you have changed' or ‘you are not the one with whom I fell in love at first sight.'It is said, that time heals. Be patient and see whether things improve.

Think again

If you have discussed the reason for his disinterest in you, if you have given him enough time, if you have waited enough to improve the situation and nothing is coming out of it, then it is better you move on. Let go. If the person is the one for you, he will come back. Otherwise that person is just not meant for you. If it is clear that your relationship is going nowhere and is on verge of break-up, do not cling to it.

Believe in yourself and have patience. Avoid explaining to your partner how nice it would be to be together. Stay calm come what may, you will be glad you did. Trust yourself and go on with life. It is not worth a person who does not need or deserve you.

Is your partner ignoring you? Have you faced difficult situations in a relationship? How do you handle ups and downs of a relationship? To share your views and experiences,click here.

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Feedback on article

Name: Deepak
City:   delhi
Comments:   i m not ignore you , i really love you dear minal . m not leave without you you are my sweet heart my real love . i love you , i really really love you , sona ,My angel

Name: minal
City:   delhi
Comments:   i love my bf (deepak) very very much , but he is still ignoring me, now this site realy helps me , i think he want some space in relationship

Name: Bhaskar Jyoti Nag
City:   Tezpur
Comments:   good

Name: agnes
City:   johannesburg
Comments:   this site realy helps,m glad that thr are etleast answers to the questions i had


Name: Stella
City:   Shillong
Comments:   I am 19 years i am too much obsess about my boyfriend. For the past few days his sister took away his cell phone so i culd´nt contact him,but 1 thing that i am rely surprised about was that he didnt even try tu contact me nt even once,and we meet every sunday at the church bt he never boder tu talk with me,not even once,but 1 thing that he always did was walking away,ignore and treat me like a kid.He always say that he is always beside me but i can see that he is not. The last time we meet i tried to talk to him but he didnt even look at me. what am i suppose to do? I Love him so much and i dont want to give up. can you please help me?

Name: longfor elise
City:   new york
Comments:   I love my guy alot but he has strated ignoring me

Name: longfor elise
City:   new york

Name: longfor elise
City:   new york

Name: Manisha
City:   New Delhi
Comments:   Well my story is very complicated... my relationship just started on 24th Feb 2015 ... on first day.. he talked all night.... even he msgd me early in the morning... as day went... now... today... he is ignoring my calls most of the times... he comes on wattsapp But didn´t even msg me... But whenever I try to know the Reason behind all this ... he just... make excuses.. don´t know about those excuses.... Are they right? or just fake.... Well... I think we need to talk in person...

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