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  How to stop cheating on your partner- by Editor

Are you cheating on your partner and want to stop it? Read on to find how you can stop cheating and be loyal.

You may be married or in a love relationship and everything is working just fine. One fine day you meet an old crush, friend or a lover and are overwhelmed with nostalgia. You begin by sending text messages, making phone calls and exchanging emails in the name of friendship and enjoy it too.

It brings a fresh feeling to your life that is run out of romance. Before you realise you fall into another relationship that can turn your world topsy turvy. To avoid such heart breaking situations and stop cheating your partner, read on and collect yourself.

How does cheating begin?

You have met someone new and the chemistry between you two sends out sparks. You love spending time with this person and would give up almost anything for another meeting or date. You start neglecting your present partner, do not have time for them and suddenly start losing interest. The friendship with the significant other is blossoming in to a full blown affair. In your heart you know it is wrong but do not accept it. You start find faults with your present relationship to justify your affair. You get into an extra marital affair and soon you are cheating on your partner. Controlling your feelings seems impossible. Although you may feel guilty you continue your affair.

Why is it difficult to give up cheating?

It is hard to give up cheating because it is like an addiction. You know there is something that is bad but you like it. It is fulfilling some need. For example, if you seek intellectual stimulation and your partner is not providing that, you may find yourself getting attracted to somebody who is brainy and fulfills your mental needs. Every little text message, every call and every meeting becomes special, even if it is not going anywhere in the future. Your needs, emotional or physical, are being met by somebody else and you will find it difficult to give it up since you find it difficult to let go off all the stimulation and need fulfillment. You cannot suddenly deal with a vacuum within you. That is why you may find it very difficult to stop cheating.

How to stop cheating and stay faithful

Difficult as it may feel and be, it is not an impossible task. Even after one quits smoking, he goes through painful feelings but certainly survives. You will live too, that too a good life. Stopping yourself from cheating can mean saving lot of trouble and instability. You have to stop something that is wrong. Here are a few ways that can help you stop cheating and stay faithful to your partner.

  • Avoid constant messaging and phone calls
  • Remember you have a partner who loves you
  • Avoid thinking what it could be and what you do not have
  • Control your urge to meet up for just one last time, even if it is to end
  • Call up your ‘other’ or email that you cannot be in the relationship
  • Remember it is not over until it is over
  • Talk to your husband or wife about what you expect from your relationship
  • Avoid waiting for the right moment to stop cheating. Just do it
  • Imagine what will be the consequences if you are found out
  • Concentrate towards making your present relationship better
  • Meet long lost friends or new ones along with your girlfriend or boyfriend
  • Count your blessings and you will see that life has treated you well
  • Avoid criticising and comparing your partner
  • Avoid comparing your situation with the movies. You are for real
  • Show respect towards your partner’s trust and emotions
  • Spend more time with your partner. Do special things
  • Avoid being negative about your relationship or married life
  • Share with your partner if you are not happy about something. It works
  • Consult a therapist or relationship expert if everything else fails

In the journey of life you will meet many people, far richer and more beautiful or handsome than your partner. Every time you meet one, you might meet another who is even better. There will always be temptations beckoning you towards themselves. But remember, no one is perfect, not even you.

No one person can fulfill all your needs. So stop being judgmental and focus on making your relationship better. Avoid looking around for new people; it will only create discontent within your heart. Being loyal is not about not being attracted, but remembering you have a loving partner, every time you get attracted.

Have you ever cheated on your partner? Did you do anything to stop cheating? What would you do if your partner confessed to you about an extra marital affair? To share your views and experiences, click here.

Feedback on article
Name: Mahesh
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   I have read about so many people asking for help when they are into an extra marital affair. But do people also think about what they can do to stop cheating? Do cheaters and unfaithful partner ever think about heir spouses? I don’t think so. They become so selfish thinking about their own emotions and happiness that they can destroy families and bonds. Husbands cheating wives and wives cheating on husbands. It is very dangerous since people need instant gratification. They get bored of people since they have a lot of choices around. Couples should never give up on relationships so easily or there would never be any difference between humans and animals. Nurturing relationships is very important to make marriages work. Every relationship goes through a rough patch but doesn’t mean we cut it out.


Name: Saurabh
City:   Delhi
Comments:   I was attracted by a beautiful girl in my office. We worked together for four months. Although we were friendly we never shared any romantic connections. I used to always admire her and compliment her through jokes. I have been married for three years. The girl has quit the work place and I suddenly feel that I love her. I am losing interest in my married life and even want to cancel the tour my wife and me had planned. Though that girl is not in touch with me since last six months I miss her. My feelings have grown strong. I messaged her about how I feel but she never replied. I don’t know if what I am doing is right? But I suddenly feel I am cheating on my wife. I think I must stop myself.


Name: Jini
City:   Delhi
Comments:   I had met a friend of mine who was really close to me. We share such a good rapport that we love talking to each other. Every time I meet him I think I can see sparks. Though he is engaged to somebody his heart is not into it. I love him a lot and I have started to find certain things that lack in my boyfriend. Sometimes he hardly understands my jokes. I talk on one level and he on another. My friend showers me with gifts and compliments that send me on cloud nine. My boyfriend has never complimented me like that. Like yesterday I was wearing a skirt and this guy told me that I look totally ravishing. I mean imagine how it would make a woman feel. I have never got such words from my bf. I feel I look beautiful when I am with him. He makes me feel so special and I am getting so attracted to him. I relate to him so much since we both share similar dreams and are from the same profession. It doesn’t seem like cheating to me.


Name: Pink
City:   Middelburg
Comments:   I can understand it and forgive my partner because it show that ´ this person want to be honest with me´ . so i can give my partner i second chance.


Name: Amanda
City:   Altamonte Springs
Comments:   I can do it so can anyone. Like it says its like quiting smoking you have withdrawls but you CAN DO it. I will. I love my husband so much and I just do all the wrong things to show it especially by cheating. Thank you


Name: Ntando
City:   Cape Town
Comments:   i cheated to my partner several times, the reason was if i ask for s*x she will always tell me that she is tired and the day she agree she will do it or let me put it this way when im busy she´ like reading the news paper.i was so scared thinking that there is something wrong with me, i realised that she was the one who have a problem i confessed to her and i told her the reason then we worked on it and now we are deeply in love and faithfull to each other.we have been together for 12 years.


Name: Jessie
City:   Los Angeles
Comments:   Thank you so much for your article!! I love my boyfriend, but I was feeling like my needs weren´ t being met in my relationship, and I got so frustrated, I started dirtytalking strangers on the internet. One was particularly attractive, and I almost resorted to cybersex, but I talked to one of my best friends, and she made me remember that I love my boyfriend. Your article has helped so much! I talked to my boy about why I was upset, and he´ s been so sweet about it! I remember how lucky I am to have such a loving man! It´ s still hard sometimes, the things that were said still haunt me, but I´ m getting so much better! I keep this list next to my computer all the time, to remind me. THANKS!! Good wishes for everyone! 3


Name: Katy
City:   w.p.b
Comments:   ive been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years now.. ive cheated on him about 4 times already, he knows about 3 of them. we just started out sophmore year in high school and he was suspended for about 2 weeks during those 2 weeks i admited to a guy that i liked him we started talking but eventually a week before my boyfriend cam back we stopped talking & he told me we shouldnt talk. i respect his honesty but nw i feel like i like him alot. but ive stopped myself from thinking of him & its worked. but somedays i just feel like my relationship with my boyfriend is falling apart. but im managing to keep it together & not talk to anyone.


Name: kate
City:   NB
Comments:   Omg, im the same way, i dont feel like my needs are being met, me and my bf never say we love eachother, or dont even sleep in the same bed, he never wants to hold my hand anywheres. and he never really helpes me out with anything. we have a child together and he cant even take care of her, and im getting to a point where i cant put up with him anymore. & i feel like i can just leave him for someone else, i never cheated on him.. but i feel like i should.. he doesnt make me feel like he loves me or anything. doesnt even say im beautiful or anything. :( and i am that type of girl who loves to hear it .. loves to hear good compliments.. so i dont even know what to do now.. he is very controlling and doesnt let me do anything. thats why i feel like i should Cheat on him!!! somebody please tell me what should i do?!?!


Name: Amber
City:   Jobstown
Comments:   This is my best friend who keeps kissing me when i´ m with someone. I´ m trying to make it stop cuz it´ s wrong and I am completely in love with my current boyfriend he means the world to me and I don´ t want my boyfriend to leave me. I need help!


Name: molly slaski
City:   marcellus
Comments:   i keep cheating and lying to my bf,and i have been doin this for 3 yrs,i dont want to loose him,i will keep fighting til the end,i stopped the cheating and lying,but he still thinks im doin it,i love him too much to loose him,im stick of hurting him,and our relationship,im done w. cheating and lying,i love my bf w. all my heart and soul.


Name: nicole
City:   rancho cordova
Comments:   i belive i can change i cheeted on my bf 3 times and i feel soo bad. hes takeing me back one more time but he said if i do this agin hes never ever gunna talk to me again. i dont want that to happen so please if anyone can help me please do im so sorry about what i done.. and now that i seen what he would do if i do it again im scared what if he tryies to get back at me and flirt wit girls and starts to cheet on me? and again if anyone can help me please do!


Name: Jean
City:   Philadelphia
Comments:   i have been cheating on my wife for the last 17 years. i have 2 kids with 2 different women during my marriage, i keep 3 women in my life at all times. Since i been married, i been on cruises, vacations, and stayed at my other girlfriends homes. I kept a relationship with each lady until we get into a fight and i drop them cause i know i have someone home...but they always come back. They know i´ m married and they don´ t care. I guess because i treat them nice and pay attention to them more than other guys have, they put up with me. I don´ t know how to stop, i hate hurting the women that fall in love with me and i get bored with them and leave them alone. I haven´ t even tried to be with just one person. I never done it before. The worst thing is that if my wife would do some of the things i have done, i would leave her in a heart beat! What´ s wrong with me? Little help please.


Name: Kavitha
City:   Toronto
Comments:   I have cheated on my boyfriend and continued cheating for so long...and finally decided to stop...i just need a good friend to talk to and i have found that i know that i shouldnt do what i have been doing for so long


Name: kendra
City:   jesup,ga
Comments:   well yeah i cheated got caught up it doesnt feel good i wish i could take it back but cant


Name: Matilda
City:   new york
Comments:   I have been cheating on my boyfriend for a long time now. I feel terrible but It is hard for me to stop and to be faithful it seems like every month there´ s someone new who wants to talk to me. i´ m scared of loosing my spouse but i´ m trying to do better. hugh life is complicted.


Name: Ruben
City:   laverne
Comments:   i have cheated twice and i know its wrong but i feel unwanted. when this new person comes around i felt like i was somebody and i eventually told my girlfriend of two years and she left me but she knows how good of a person i am and she´ s it but its tired of getting hurt.I also am tired of hurting her. i know i need help and is looking for somebody please help


Name: lutendo
City:   thohoyandou
Comments:   me and my galfriend promised each other not to cheat on each other, but gals seems to like m a lot.mi"m trying my best not to cheat.hope it works out


Name: heather
City:   florida
Comments:   i have been with my fiance for 5 yrs i love him very much and i feel like all these other website for cheating help are wrong when they say u dont love them when u cheat because i KNOW i love him . .i think cheating is a problem ,it an addiction, i have cheated on my man countless times, he only knows of 2 times and has no idea the extent that i have gone with these other men and if he did know we wouldnt be together. i love him so much and i reget doing all of it. i have been faithful for about a yr now and stupidly started talkin 2 someone else again about a month ago.not sure what it is about this other man but something clicked with me that i have a problem and its not because i dont love my man its the rush, the feels i get when im woith someone new, how they make me feel , it reminds me of all those other people who do drugs because of the feeling and etc, that is what it is to me,a drug,an addiction, im addicted to those feelings of want and lust by others, to know a man wants me. i mean i know my man does but u become so used 2 those feels from him that there not the same as something fresh and new. .i played a trick on myself that worked and i feel like other should try it if they are feelin like me as well. .i had went 2 a bar and met my man but we played it all off like we had just met. .the thrill i got from the flirting and touching. it all seemed so new . we even exchanged #s and didnt leave together either. i know 2 some of you it might sound stupid but it worked for me and i want 2 help others in my situation. .all i can say is remember that they love you and u love them and think of everything you would lose and want back if you did not have them in your life. . .best of luck to all!


Name: Stash
City:   canada
Comments:   husband and I have been together almost 7 years, married for 5 months. and now i find out there are not one but TWO girls he´ s seeing(he denies it and says im crazy) he even asked if he came backif i would be happy and let him keep doing what he´ s doing! I found out he´ s been unfaithful almost the entire time (psychological issue?) i dont know the details of these past relationships or people he´ s cheated with. I was wondering, has anyone gotten help with this to actually have a happytrustingloyal marriage? I´ m thinking of cutting ties and divorcing,I do still love him but I don´ t want to continue if he´ s going to keep doing the same things.


Name: Dawn
City:   Detroit
Comments:   thnks, i needed some guidance to help me stop my affair before became more than i could handle.. cuz god knws i love my fiance so much!!! appreciate it


Name: Susan
City:   Austin
Comments:   When me and my husband been married five years I started seeing a guy I worked with. We ended up haveing a two month affair. Which was bad. I got caught by my husband. Now we been married thirteen years and have two kids together, I am back cheating again. This time it is with someone who is also married and they have a baby on the way. He was going to leave her but now that she is pregnant he is staying with her for now. We meet up whenever we can. He is a cop and we meet before he gets off of work. His wife goes out of town, then I go to his house. I think I am falling in love with him. I know it is sooo wrong and I want to stop cheating. I do really bad. I need help and all. I just dont know what to do. I know this is going to end badly. Someone is going to get hurt. No way around this. I want to stop talkn to him but everytime he text me, it is like fire in my hands textn him back. I need to stop and think just how bad I am to do this. I feel bad and guilty. I want to stop. Plus I do still love my husband. Crazy, I know. Thanks for this article. I got some ideas on how to stop this. Hope I can before it is tooo late.


Name: Coralee
City:   San Dimas, CA
Comments:   I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years and cheated on him 5 times (4 guys 1 girl). I did it because I felt unloved and he chose drugs over me and was in jail. I deeply regret it and told him and now he won´ t speak to me and wants nothing to do with me. He cheated on me once in the past as well. I love him so much and see now that problem lies within myself, not within him. Everyone tells me to move on becausE he is an addict, but I love him and the worst part is I can´ t even talk to him.


Name: osukoya paul kehinde
City:   nigeriac
Comments:   cheating is natural but is not accepted in the society


Name: osukoya paul kehinde
City:   nigeria
Comments:   cheating is natural bad habit which is not accepted in the society


Name: Pooja
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Hi I am Pooja. I started falling in love with my neighbour. we both were in love relation for more than 3 years. we used talk for hours together over phone and meet often he used to kiss me a lot. Later he married to a some other girl due pressure from his family and still we continued to talk and meet up regularly but i used to feel guilty very much that I am spoiling her life. and even she knew about our love before marriage but we were not give any other option. After an year I got married initially we used to call and talk to each other rearly but later stoped he never questioned me nor i. Now I have been married for 8 years and have two sweet kids but stil I miss him. The day will never ended without remebering him. I could hear his words even now. I am just not able to forget these memories. I can even now feel the kiss and now a days I feel like every time he is with me only I am not able to concentrate on my family, studies, career anything. He had promised me that he will never cancel the sim card keep it with me as a memory of yours to which I used to call frequently before marriage. but he was not using it after my marriage. when i used to try that number i could hear he had barred all the calls but now he has canceled and it says this number does not exists. This hurts me a lot. that means he is happily living his married life. He is my first love of life but I was not his first love. He is so lucky beacuse i still love him but he doesnot know. but my husband love me verymuch but I am not able to love him full heartedly,probably may not able to do it in my whole life. Lucky is the man who is the first love of a woman and lucky is the woman who is the last love of man. I cannot forget or forgive in my life. He never made any attempted to save our life just for his parents and family he dumped me. I know all this facts but still why am i not able to live the memories behind to lead my life happily. Even today when i am traveling, riding, in signal my eyes keep searching for him wherever i go. my eyes are dying to see. I don´ t know where i will stand. I wanted share these experience with someone but with whom, so i taught of writing here.


Name: Bianca
City:   OHIO
Comments:   I have been with my boyfriend for 3 12 years and I have cheated on him many times. I know he still cares and loves me because I´ m sure he would have left by now but he hasn´ t he´ s still here. I still love him A LOT. I do regret it all and I dont know how to get him to forgive me. I understand what I did was wrong but I also dont want to live the rest of our lives miserable because of my actions. I dont know what to do.


Name: Bianca
City:   OHIO
Comments:   that is 3 and a half years


Name: brkenhrtdgrl
City:   sacramento
Comments:   2:40am n i cant sleep thinking of how to mend my bf´ s brkrenhrt that i caused,nd trying to get out of his dads stereotype "once a cheater ALWAYS a cheater". we´ ve been going out since our freshman yr of high school.2yrs nd 3mnths and we were eachothers everythng until i messed up. icheated not once but twice, i felt like such a BLEEP. start with an "H" ends with an ´ E". h doesnt kno how to trust me again and how do i expect him to. ineed to gain his trust back and iwant to but afraid that i will b faithful nd te shoe will be on the other foot. soooo confused uuuggghh.! but my heart tells me different


Name: disy
City:   nashville
Comments:   its so dificult to stop cheating you dont realice what you doing untill you loose that person that you really love...alan I love you


Name: jenna
City:   claremont, ca
Comments:   i one have been asked out by a guy i liked. and i had a boyfriend. i said yes, and i knew it was cheating. it felt wrong, but i couldnt shake the discontent with my relationship i 1st had. so, it became a mess and things got crazy. my boyfriend got upset, my newer boyfriend distrusted me, and i was never the same again. DO NOT CHEAT FOR YOUR LIFE.


Name: Bobby
City:   Schererville, IN
Comments:   My wife has been cheating on me for six months. I am not a perfect person, and I didn´ t always treat her like I should. We r currently living apart. I am more hurt and sad than I ever thought I could be! She said she still loves me and wants to be with me but she is scared and doesn´ t want to hurt him! We have a daughter together and she has been around the guy while this has been going on. I love my wife and want us to be happy! I just don´ t know how much time I can give her to decide! She has destroyed my views of her! I don´ t want to find someone else! Why do I feel ashamed of myself for still wanting her? We r seeing a counselor and it seems to be helping. She is still struggling with her choices! I just want her to try and quit asking what if! What if can destroy any relatioship! I believe that people come together and get married because of a great love they have for one another! But most people get relaxed when they get married and stop doing the things that got them there in the first place. you have to work everyday at your marriage! It may seem like a job, but it can be the best job with so many rewards if u both just commit to doing it right! One thing I learned is communication! No matter how small something may seem, u need to help each other through it! Its the little things that matter! It can be something small like vacuuming or starting a hot bath for your spouse! Even saying honey u look like u had a long day, why don´ t u sit down and relax for awhile and ill take the kids to the park and start dinner! And even the smallest compliment never gets old! Everytime I see my wife I tell her how beautiful she is! I don´ t care if she´ s wearing sweats and a tshirt! These r just some things I´ ve been trying and doing. I hope and pray that we r together forever! But, if not, doing these things makes me feel better about myself! And u can´ t do or say nice things and always expect something in return! She broke my heart and I still just want her to know that I love her and want her to be happy! That´ s all I can do! I wish everyone the best of luck! One important thing I learned finally is to be strong for yourself! You can´ t just do it for your spouse! If you try to be the best person u can be, then u will be happier than ever, no matter what!!!!!


Name: nina
City:   bronx
Comments:   i been with my man now for five years and cheated on him before but this thim its diffrent i really like this guy that im cheatin with he does have a girl but has a baby mother that he really loves meand my man dont have any kids together but anyway i know the guy likes me alot but he want me to get rid of my man because we dont any kids he not doing anything for me so insted of cheatin leave him alone .but if i do where will that leave me is me and the other guy are to be together ,and if wedo will he cheat on me yup he will so why do iwant him so much


Name: rahul
City:   bangalore
Comments:   hi its rahul i have to share something about my love i felt in love actually i worked in social department office and i collect form and she written her contact number i took that no now i calling her as well as messaging she also giving good response but main thing is i feel alone without her message nd calls although i feel alone i want to her forever but she may be refuse so if i want forever than what i do please send solution from experts


Name: Desperate
City:   Philadelphia
Comments:   How to stop being a fake person


Name: lupe
City:   los angeles Ca
Comments:   i cheated before


Name: max
City:   los angelse
Comments:   Well´ i use to be a player back in my day. I allways had girfriends and more and more girfriends. One time i decied to cheat it was no big deal to me i didnt care at all you know? An thats when 1 day i found the true love of my life. We dated in secrect but she didnt know i had a girlfriend. As time move on it was just me and her all the time everyday talking calling texting Myspace aim facebook you name it. When i went to a new school i had met this new girl in my 11th grade year and she was so bomb and adorable. Not to mention i was going out with 3 gurls at once´ but this one was really specail. everday will make out by the wall and we took things to the next level. Then i conffessed to the other girl that i cheated on her and thats were everything went wrong. :( I LOST THE RESPECT LOVE TRUST HONSTEY AND A CHANCE OF LIFE TIME. i didnt care but i felt bad and so i left and got with the other gurl at my school. Never judge a book by its cover we have been arguing and fighting and many problems arose and many serious things as well. Now im look at as a cheater and a lier. I try to change ad keep my word and be faithful and it was going good you know??? But when you keep getting accuse and problems arise you tend to just drift off course. Over all meassages´ its hard to gain trust on someone that you love and that you care about. An its even harder not tryan to feed your addiction. I been cheating ever since middle school up till now. Im 17 now and i got the gurl i want ´ but the temtation´ of doing it come´ s ofthen. Word advice to everyone who cheat. it only hurts when you get cheated on and you fill bad. Dont cheat keep it real and keep it 100.


Name: max
City:   los angelse
Comments:   Well´ i use to be a player back in my day. I allways had girfriends and more and more girfriends. One time i decied to cheat it was no big deal to me i didnt care at all you know? An thats when 1 day i found the true love of my life. We dated in secrect but she didnt know i had a girlfriend. As time move on it was just me and her all the time everyday talking calling texting Myspace aim facebook you name it. When i went to a new school i had met this new girl in my 11th grade year and she was so bomb and adorable. Not to mention i was going out with 3 gurls at once´ but this one was really specail. everday will make out by the wall and we took things to the next level. Then i conffessed to the other girl that i cheated on her and thats were everything went wrong. :( I LOST THE RESPECT LOVE TRUST HONSTEY AND A CHANCE OF LIFE TIME. i didnt care but i felt bad and so i left and got with the other gurl at my school. Never judge a book by its cover we have been arguing and fighting and many problems arose and many serious things as well. Now im look at as a cheater and a lier. I try to change ad keep my word and be faithful and it was going good you know??? But when you keep getting accuse and problems arise you tend to just drift off course. Over all meassages´ its hard to gain trust on someone that you love and that you care about. An its even harder not tryan to feed your addiction. I been cheating ever since middle school up till now. Im 17 now and i got the gurl i want ´ but the temtation´ of doing it come´ s ofthen. Word advice to everyone who cheat. it only hurts when you get cheated on and you fill bad. Dont cheat keep it real and keep it 100.


Name: Dylan
City:   Auckland
Comments:   I have been with my partner for over a year in this time I have cheated on him too many times to count !!! He is the most amazing person I have met and always will be but I can´ t help myself from cheating I know i want and NEED to stop this but I just don´ t know how :(


Name: koka
City:   libya
Comments:   i cheated on my lover and i dont know why? i love him . he is every thing to me i dont know why i did that i dont know why i dont listen to him i want him back and i dont know how plz help me plz


Name: Stl
City:   Nairobi
Comments:   Cheating seems like a natural part of me.since i was 13 i hav always had at least 5 bfs at a time.i´ d love to change as i´ m at my prime age&will soon get married.please help the way, all my bf adore&trust me


Name: Aurora Chairez
City:   Houston, Texas
Comments:   I have been married for 14 years and my husband cheated on me with this other woman and then last year in July he came back and I forgave him it was hard but we have had so many problems with his drinking and drug addiction. Just Sunday I found out he started calling his mistress again the woman that put him in jail for leaving her and supposedly rapping her. I am devasted and he seems to tell me they have just been talking. I hurt but I need to be strong. I need gods healing and faith to get through this.


Name: Sukhvinder Kaur
City:   Patiala
Comments:   i cheated my husband but he was not with me that time he was in abroad now my relationship breaks down with my husband and there was a divorce but now i feel very guilty about all this and about the bad condition of my husband plz. tell me what i have to do


Name: tina
City:   delhi
Comments:   Plz. send me some solution about my problem i love my husband so much but after living 57 days he left me and went to abroad that time i was totally alone there was no one for me to care and support that time i met with my college friend we felt very close to each other within few days because of this i did not response to my husband´ s calls i totally ignore my husband and my husband starts doubts about me and at the end my relationship with my husband breaks down as a result there was divorce now i am going to marry with that person who wasv coming in my life and who was responsible for my divorce but from my heart i feel that i really love my husband since today he is facing a heart problems in abroad and i feel very guilty about all that which i had done plz. tell me what i have to do now


Name: unknown
City:   RSA
Comments:   I have been cheated on many times by my husband and it really breaks my heart. We are both HIV pos bt he just cant stop cheating and im at a point whereby i dont care because whenever he cheats he tells his mistresses that he´ s got a wife. many cheater will end up dying because new out break of deseases and wish people would just wake and knw that AIDS is there and its a killer desease. the last woman he cheated with a condom broke and its possible that wherever she is she´ s got HIV and pregnant. i dont feel sorry for her she wanted this for herself. i wish Got could heal me and take me out of this relationship and if i was clean i would have long tym left him. i love him so much and wish he could change be a better man. love is a beautiful gift from God and people need to respect each other. if you cheat there is nothing sacred about your love if you sleeping wt every womanman that you meet. Im a victim of HIV because i loved someone who neglected his life but what can i do? i love him n he knows that.


Name: Camille
City:   Chl
Comments:   Thank you for this article. My marriage has gone through some ridiculously troubling times. After 8 months of being separated, things have improved, but our relationship has never fully healed. I used that as an excuse to cheat, and as a way to get back at him. It´ s so wrong. As good as it felt, i feel just as guilty and it is such a confusing way to feel. I will try hard to fix my mistakes. He asked me for a second chance, and i blew it. I dont want to mess it up again and hopefully after reading this i will not. THank you.. a lot


Name: Kalyna
City:   Ansonia
Comments:   This is very helpful. I love my boyfriend more than anything in the world, but when i´ m not with him i always get these thoughts about cheating. If i hurt him i don´ t know what i´ d do. So this helped me.


Name: Rachel
City:   Tacoma
Comments:   So.. I have been with my boyfriend for about 3 weeks... Ive been cheating on him sence day 3 and just last night I spent time with an old ex. And I cheated on him with a seccond man... Why do I keep cheating? I can´ t figure it out...


Name: RIZ
City:   phoenix
Comments:   i love my bf but i met some one..evenm thi i havnt had s´ x with him i still feel bad ..he found out twicew n were 20 ..have a doughter should we fight for our realtion ship or call it qiuts..i know trust is every thing


Name: vcvc
City:   vcv
Comments:   vcvc


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