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How to stop cheating on your partner

-by Editor

Are you cheating on your partner and want to stop it? Read on to find how you can stop cheating and be loyal.

You may be married or in a love relationship and everything is working just fine. One fine day you meet an old crush, friend or a lover and are overwhelmed with nostalgia. You begin by sending text messages, making phone calls and exchanging emails in the name of friendship and enjoy it too.

It brings a fresh feeling to your life that is run out of romance. Before you realise you fall into another relationship that can turn your world topsy turvy. To avoid such heart breaking situations and stop cheating your partner, read on and collect yourself.

How does cheating begin?

You have met someone new and the chemistry between you two sends out sparks. You love spending time with this person and would give up almost anything for another meeting or date. You start neglecting your present partner, do not have time for them and suddenly start losing interest. The friendship with the significant other is blossoming in to a full blown affair. In your heart you know it is wrong but do not accept it. You start find faults with your present relationship to justify your affair. You get into an extra marital affair and soon you are cheating on your partner. Controlling your feelings seems impossible. Although you may feel guilty you continue your affair.

Why is it difficult to give up cheating?

It is hard to give up cheating because it is like an addiction. You know there is something that is bad but you like it. It is fulfilling some need. For example, if you seek intellectual stimulation and your partner is not providing that, you may find yourself getting attracted to somebody who is brainy and fulfills your mental needs. Every little text message, every call and every meeting becomes special, even if it is not going anywhere in the future. Your needs, emotional or physical, are being met by somebody else and you will find it difficult to give it up since you find it difficult to let go off all the stimulation and need fulfillment. You cannot suddenly deal with a vacuum within you. That is why you may find it very difficult to stop cheating.

How to stop cheating and stay faithful

Difficult as it may feel and be, it is not an impossible task. Even after one quits smoking, he goes through painful feelings but certainly survives. You will live too, that too a good life. Stopping yourself from cheating can mean saving lot of trouble and instability. You have to stop something that is wrong. Here are a few ways that can help you stop cheating and stay faithful to your partner.

  • Avoid constant messaging and phone calls
  • Remember you have a partner who loves you
  • Avoid thinking what it could be and what you do not have
  • Control your urge to meet up for just one last time, even if it is to end
  • Call up your ‘other’ or email that you cannot be in the relationship
  • Remember it is not over until it is over
  • Talk to your husband or wife about what you expect from your relationship
  • Avoid waiting for the right moment to stop cheating. Just do it
  • Imagine what will be the consequences if you are found out
  • Concentrate towards making your present relationship better
  • Meet long lost friends or new ones along with your girlfriend or boyfriend
  • Count your blessings and you will see that life has treated you well
  • Avoid criticising and comparing your partner
  • Avoid comparing your situation with the movies. You are for real
  • Show respect towards your partner’s trust and emotions
  • Spend more time with your partner. Do special things
  • Avoid being negative about your relationship or married life
  • Share with your partner if you are not happy about something. It works
  • Consult a therapist or relationship expert if everything else fails

In the journey of life you will meet many people, far richer and more beautiful or handsome than your partner. Every time you meet one, you might meet another who is even better. There will always be temptations beckoning you towards themselves. But remember, no one is perfect, not even you.

No one person can fulfill all your needs. So stop being judgmental and focus on making your relationship better. Avoid looking around for new people; it will only create discontent within your heart. Being loyal is not about not being attracted, but remembering you have a loving partner, every time you get attracted.

Have you ever cheated on your partner? Did you do anything to stop cheating? What would you do if your partner confessed to you about an extra marital affair? To share your views and experiences, click here.

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Feedback on article

Name: Esnart
City:   Lusaka
Comments:   Am soo much in love with my boyfriend,he means the world to me..i was soo ashamed because i was cheating behind the best relationship ever.But am glad because this article has helped me..I believe i will be faithful now..

Name: Ahnalee
City:   Phoenix
Comments:   This was about the best advice I´ve read about my shameful addiction. I love and am in love with my boyfriend. He is definitely not perfect or the best looking guy in the world. But your right, neither am I. It´s just hard when you get attention from other men all the time. It makes me feel attractive and, who doesn´t love to feel that? Well this page was very helpful and I´ll try to reread it when I feel the need to "wander". Thanks

Name: Tayla
City:   Melbourne
Comments:   I love my boyfriend so much but i always cheat i cant help myself i need to do it i cant stop but i love my boyfriend so much

Name: Brianna
City:   Branson
Comments:   I always feel the need to cheat, especially because my current partner isn´t giving me what I need in the relationship. I hate it sooo much. It´s like a void in my that I tell myself "It´ll be better in the relationship with the nest person, I´ll actually stay committed" and then I end up finding someone else, whether past lover, new person, friend, etc, that gives me something my partner doesn´t. I feel too attracted to too many people at once. I hate myself so much. I just want to love him. I don´t know why I do this and I want it to stop, so I´m going to make it stop. I really, really hope I can get healthier and act like a actual respectable human being.

Name: Mem
City:   London
Comments:   Endlessly cheated on. Desperate and alone.

Name: Kierra
City:   Grand Rapids,MI
Comments:   I love my boyfriend so much we been together for a year and I cheated 5 time´s and I don´t know what to do to save my relationship and I´m always lying to him and want tell him the truth I can´t help myself and I really need to stop cheating it´s not good

Name: Kierra
City:   Grand Rapids,MI
Comments:   I love my boyfriend so much we been together for a year and I cheated 5 time´s and I don´t know what to do to save my relationship and I´m always lying to him and want tell him the truth I can´t help myself and I really need to stop cheating it´s not good

Name: judy boy
City:   mpumalanga
Comments:   Everybody knows how to love.but only few people know how to stay in love with one person for a very long period of time .

Name: Hamilton
City:   Tshwane
Comments:   I cheated on my gf nd now she moved in with me bcos i lv hr very much,the problem is dat idk how i can broke up with the ada gal.I lv my gf pls hlp me cos we fght evry single and day about dat ada girl.Wen i ignor dat gal or tel hr dat is over she dnt give on me nd she mk me fght wth my gf dat i want to marry.Any advices dant cn mk me forgt abt that ada gal pls

Name: kiran
City:   puna

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