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  How to Cope with Stress after Break Up- by Editor

Stress is an inseparable part of break up and all other ups and downs which take place in life. However, human beings have to move on and learn to smile again after going through incidences like break up. Read on to find some helpful tips for coping with stress after break up.

It is not easy to handle when any significant relationship ends. No matter whether you wanted it or not, a committed and long-term relationship can turn your whole world upside down if it breaks up. There are all sorts of upsetting and painful feelings that get triggered. But do not worry. There are things that you can be done so that you come out of this difficult time without much damage.

Tips to Cope with Stress after Break Up

Stress is an inseparable part of break ups, fights and all ups and downs in life. Read on to find some helpful tips for coping with stress after break up.

Divert your Mind

The best thing that you can do is to divert your attention and concentrate on your hobbies and try to develop them.

Start new Activities

Try to join a gym or start an exercise routine as that it can help you calm down as well as help you remain fit too. If you will become fit and healthy, it will be beneficial for you in the long run.

Chat with Friends

Hang out with friends that can really help you forget about everything. Choose the friends that care for you and they will do their best to bring a smile on your face. It is also better to prefer the friend whose company makes you happy and you enjoy the most instead of going in the crowd of friends. It can even work in the opposite way and you may feel more depressed and lonely.

Do not Binge

Do not ever binge into drinking or eating a lot. Drinking alcohol will only worsen your condition and if you seek refuge in eating anything and everything you will end up having severe health problems.

Stay Safe

Stay safe always, both physically and emotionally. This is very important because you may find some selfish individuals coming near you if they come to know about your breakup. Do not let them take undue advantage of your condition.

Take your own Time

Take your own time to get recharged. Think positively and practically. Analyze the relationship that ended and try to forget about it.

Build your Self Esteem

Try to build up your self-esteem. Take professional help if needed. There is nothing wrong to consult a specialist if you are not able to cope with the stress of the breakup.

Many think that why a breakup hurts so much even if they wanted or expected it to happen since long time. The main reason is that the breakup represents the loss and leaves you lonely for the time being. You feel that the dreams and commitments that you shared has ended and this triggers the pain. In such situation, if you feel like crying do not stop it. This will help you get out of the stress easily.

Romantic relationships initiate with a high note of excitement and take you to lots of future planning together. When you fail to get these dreams off the ground and the relationship fails, there is profound disappointment, grief and stress experienced. In fact, everything gets disturbed, your routine, your home, your duties, responsibilities, friends and relatives and even your priorities after the breakup.

However, you have to restart your life now. You can learn about relationships and everything related to it by this breakup. You need to be honest when you are going through this heal up process. Do not deny if you feel depressed. Get along in something exciting but never get into any other relationship just because you want a shoulder to cry.

Are you facing lot of ups and downs in life? Are you coping with stress which is caused due to recent break up? Are you finding difficult to cope with stress after break up? To share your experiences, views, and tips, click here.

Feedback on article
Name: mitali
City:   lucknow U.P
Comments:   ITS GUD


Name: Kimaya
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   It is very difficult to cope with stress after break up. After break up the stress remains for longer time and as such it becomes difficult to cope with stress. Chitchatting with friends or close ones help a lot to overcome the stress. However, some times break from work may also help to overcome the situation and get normal.


Name: Sonia
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Overcoming stress after break up is not so easy. If the relationship has lasted for 4 to 5 years, it is very difficult to forget that person and both of them are extremely hurt after break up. It is very difficult to move on when a very close person hurts you. But there is no other way out other than moving on.


Name: Jyoti
City:   Udaipur
Comments:   After a break up you need lot of time to get over it. However, it is not good to get in another relationship if you break up with somebody. It is not correct to take such step and as such the person should give himself or herself lot of time and think about it rather than getting into another relationship.


Name: Mamta
City:   Dehradun
Comments:   Break up hurts bt bst would b forget it..going 4 gym,hangin out wid frnds,setting priorities definitely helps..bst optn is start dancing..b sporty..start doing adventurous thngs lyk rafting..enlarge fun wrld around u n gain urself bck n enjoy..


Name: anubhav patel
City:   Agra
Comments:   its very hard to forget her give some advice to forget her she is my class mate and as i look at her my emotions again start building up give me some advice how to cope up


City:   Kolkata
Comments:   My girlfriend broke for no reasons after a 2and half years comitted relationship.It is very difficult to cope with stress after this break up.Each and every moments seems to be haunting around.I cannot concentrate in anything.Feel like killing myself.


Name: sam
City:   Gingoog City Philippines
Comments:   Break up seems to be the hardest part in any experience it moves so slow and very painful,


Name: sts
City:   madurai
Comments:   my boy friend ditched me after a 6 years committed relation i was broken down emotionally when he was cheating on me he was flirting with my cousin also it really hurts thuogh i wont go to him ever again but his memories keep disturbing someone plz help me get out of this hell


Name: Kumar Rishikesh
City:   bangalore
Comments:   I hav been in a relationship wid a gal for almost 5 yrs. Nw our relationship is on the verge of break. wen v were together evrything was alrit bt nw v are apart n she is trying to break the relation. Plz help me guys. I m unable to concentrate on the things other than this.


Name: Dj Skizo
City:   Gaborone
Comments:   Broke up with my girlfriend of 2 and half years. she was cheating on me, and she tested hiv positive and at the moment i tested negative.please help, one part of me want to forgive her and take her back and one part says i should move on, what should i do?


Name: Rohit
City:   Patiala
Comments:   I broke up wid my gf after a 3.5 year long relationship..after breaking up,we didnt talk to each other for around 2 months and in that time i started to become somewhat normal..but today i came to know that she is getting married to some other guy..actually this was the original reason for our breakup as her parents wanted to marry her n as i am younger than her so i expressed my inability to marry her..but since i´ v come to know that she is getting married,i am back to starting situation and i am feeling very terrible..pls tell me what to do


Name: kamogelo
City:   north west
Comments:   we broken after 5 yrs.the reason is tht he was abusing me emotional,he gv me money so he thought he could take over my lyf and he did not wnt me 2 b with frnd he my lyf difficult tht i cryied everyday but i loved him with body soul and stressed i dnt no wht 2 d pls i need help


Name: kamogelo
City:   north west
Comments:   we broken after 5 yrs.the reason is tht he was abusing me emotional,he gv me money so he thought he could take over my lyf and he did not wnt me 2 b with frnd he my lyf difficult tht i cryied everyday but i loved him with body soul and stressed i dnt no wht 2 d pls i need help


Name: shilpa chauhan
City:   agra
Comments:   my breakups last for just few days...and this tym it ws b´ coz i updated sum status on facebuk stating that i missed my ex..... I dint want to hurt my current bf bt he brokeup... Now he is really into abusing me and i hav had these abusive language frm him earlier....and if i ask him to tlk clean he says that m worth this....i think m nt....m my own princess doll....


Name: roshni bharadwaj
City:   bhubeneswar
Comments:   i was in a relation with a boy of another cast ,from the very begining i was feeling that he didnot has the guts to face his parents,so i was not happy with him,but i tried to make him understand,because i loved him,waiting for his establishment,i thought that after that he would be able to tell his parents,but one day i found him chatting with a girl,where he stated clearly that he doesnot have any girl friend,so i was thinking of putting an end to this relation.After that another guy showed me that crazyness which i want to see in a lover,i started loving him,but he got a job abroad,as we met in the internet,how could i go with him after just one month,so he went there alone for some weeks he mailed me,but now i feel he is avoiding me,i am not able to forget him now,i am facing stress...its almost one month i dint get any phone call from him.he tells me that he is too busy..but i need help to forget him.


Name: yutika
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   saying is easy when come to practical the feeling of pain is worse for time we take support of tears n then get back to work it continues till your heart forgets everything n try to come up we just need to control our feelings from flying in dream of rainbow colors which are just imagination but does not exits in practical


Name: Ragini
City:   Bhopal
Comments:   My boyfriend is ignoring me. But i love him so much, but he wants to break up with me. Because he is married. I cant forget him. Plz tell me, what should i do?


Name: Deepika
City:   dehradun
Comments:   i told him to go and he gone without making any complain , i heart him a lot , but its not that , that i dont luv him , i luv him a lot ,but my life fall in a situation where i have to chose any one from my father and my luv i chose my father beause if i m in this earth only because of his so how can i will broke his heart . now i am in pain but i cant share it with any one beause i dont have any friend who understand my feeling and my best friend is now not with me , because my luv and best friend are the same person .


Name: akarsh jain
City:   delhi
Comments:   my gf broke up with me coz she says we dnt have a future but also she says she was never satisfied with the past we had. even when now i call her she refuse to,talk to me even 4 2 minues i am really shocked that people change this much


Name: beepul!!!!
City:   siliguri
Comments:   I blve in god more dn my self.I blve in faith I thnk if m ryt in my way of struggle dn god definetnly made her my lyf if not dn I wl thnk my love was false n even lyf is false. Bcoz c z my lyf my evrythng.


Name: Gayathri Singh
City:   Mangalore
Comments:   i breakup my relationship


Name: anup
City:   delhi
Comments:   i am very stress after breakup of my 2yrs rltnship,i want 2 frgt bcz it always hurt me...i am dstrb frm last 4mnth what i do ?


Name: Mandy
City:   Secunda
Comments:   We broked up a week ago..i cant hope with this whl thingy,m lonely nd depressed but the funny thing is that he got a gf at the moment.


Name: Charlotte
City:   Nairobi
Comments:   Have been with this guy 4 5mnths now.i truly loved him coz he gave me many reasons to be hapy wth he is cheating on.i want 2 end ths rship bt i find t too hard for me.


Name: Vijay pardesi
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Help me... M being ditched..


Name: thomas
City:   kilimanjaro tanzania
Comments:   i do feel really upset after the breakup!i have hated myself so much!


Name: Yamini
City:   delhi
Comments:   Hi Friends, Dont ever hate yourselves. Beacuse we all are humans ups and flaws with be there within us. Moreover if u feel that the realtioship is not worth to be continued please think twice and get rid of it soon . Because life is too short and has to go happily. We need to keep oursleves happy always to lead a helathy life. Sojust dont thi nk about the paste and live lonely. Enjoy cheersss so manyyyyy wonderful things are yet to be enjoyed.


Name: Jaqabs.
City:   NairobiKenya
Comments:   It hurts so much when someone u love breaks ur heart.Love is wicked.


Name: clarice
City:   Chicago
Comments:   i was came from a painful break up. i felts like im useless. i really loved my boy friend. in every fight that we had i always say sorry even its not my fault, i ate my pride because i want everything to be fixed as soon as possible. but since its always happened, i get tired. although its painful since i loved him, i chose to set him free. not for him but for myself, i just realized life is too short to be miserable. theres other man who deserves my love. its tough and hard to move on, but i believe its mind motivation. i stop thinking about him and avoid seing stuffs that reminds me of him, and the greatest thing i did, i resign since were both working on the same company. i think im starting to be ok. thanks to God.


Name: Yancy
City:   SZEIMimNLh
Comments:   Gee whiz, and I tohguht this would be hard to find out.


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City:   nHMfxoXNdkl
Comments:   WMDxfu zvgnhmhfodpi


Name: xgdnykyn
City:   jziEUjmXJsFIXH
Comments:   ixs9QS gcpjqfyqyefw


Name: buy oem software
City:   New York
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Name: Discount OEM Software
City:   New York
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City:   New York
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Name: eenicker
City:   Arcatao


Name: Fridah
City:   Nairobi
Comments:   Av dated my boyfriend for 5yrs now. the problem with him is not open to me. he only calls when he wants me to be with him. he doesnt tell me anything about his personalprivate life. he doenst talk about our future together. i love him so much bur i jst feel is cheating on me and one day he´ ll dump me. am so stressed pls advice me what i can do.


Name: Joshua
City:   Nakurukenya
Comments:   My girl friend has just send a text to me in order to break up wiz her for no reason?i feel stressed coz it over 2yrs serious relationship.pliz advice me


Name: mark asis
City:   nakuru
Comments:   i luv my girlfriend so much and i don´ t want 2 break up with her ,bt it´ s like she is playing me.i found meseages on her inbox from anther guy but i don´ t want 2 tell her.she pretent 2 luv me bt she luvs someone alse. i just want 2 set her feer.


Name: oem software
City:   New York
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Name: poo sti
City:   Delhi
Comments:   i broke up jst nw bt i m hapy since we r still frends


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Name: leds
City:   Cebu City
Comments:   I just recently broke up with my 4year relationship. He broke up with me with just one text message. It was bound to happen anyway, he had so many secrets. I was not able to accept it right away, in fact I had even denied the situation right after. Things went from bad to worst and it stress me a lot. I developed hyperthyroidism just a month after that, so had to undergo radiation therapy. I wished I never met him.


Name: bookmarking service
City:   New York
Comments:   kGwkDb Major thanks for the post.Really thank you! Cool.


Name: Lulu
City:   Umtata
Comments:   After being cheated on so many times iv planned on how i wud deal wth th stress but now ts like m cracking,he broke up with me ovr sum stupid phone call frm ths guy m nt even interestd in,even though i have forgave him so many times,i dnt knw wat to do to cope since m starting my exams ths week,bt in God´ s grace il pass n get over him


Name: Justin
City:   Chicago
Comments:   I was dumped a month and a half ago and it seems harder now than initially. At first I thought she might come back or that I would get over it quickly but I haven´ t. We were together for almost 6 years and she was my first love. The pain I feel is pure emptiness and heartache. I really miss her because I always put her as my number 1 person in my priorities. She was my best friend even though the relationship had ups and downs. She said that she just doesn´ t feel the same as she used to and she feels like we are more just friends. She has had many boyfriends before me and has broken up with me before and dated someone else during the 1 month breakup we had last time. I´ m sure she´ s out with other guys now and enjoying her freespirited, spontaneous ways. I don´ t know what to do. I haven´ t contacted her since the breakup. I don´ t know if I´ ll find anyone else or that I even want to. I pray for the best for her. I´ m not mad at her, I´ m just so hurt because I loved her and by her being in my life I felt so much more at ease about myself. I have self esteem issues because of my adult acne and thinking of trying to move on is just so stressful. I don´ t think I would take her back even if she came back because I know that she doesn´ t really love me any more. I would only be hurting myself even more by doing so. I hate to speak sadly but maybe I should just try to accept the fact that this was supposed to happen and I am supposed to be alone. I pray the pain will lift soon and I´ ll stop thinking about her all the time. I can´ t seem to stop thinking about her. This is the most painful experience I´ ve had to go through in my life.


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