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Recipe by Kavita. S

 30 - 40 Minutes  4 Persons

Milk - 1 Ltr
Paneer - 250 gms
Kesar dissolved in luke warm Milk - 1 gm
Chopped badam, pista and cashewnuts - 15 gms each
Sugar - 75 gms

1. Pour 1 ltr milk in a pan. Add 75gms of sugar.

2. Stir constantly and cook till the milk is reduced to half the     quantity.

3. Add the kesar dissolved in luke warm milk. Then, add the grated     Paneer into the milk. Stir well. Bring to 2 boils.

4. Transfer into a fridge and allow to cool. Garnish with chopped nuts     and serve cold.

Feedback on recipe
Name: liva chowdhury
City:   dhaka
Comments:   can i use the normal salty cheese

Name: Anu
City:   Zhuhai , China
Comments:   No u cant use salty cheese .. you wont get the expected taste .. :)

Name: Bijlee
City:   Rajkot
Comments:   Paneer in Kheer??????

Name: pearlgarg8
City:   ludhiana
Comments:   has anybody tried paneer in kheer plz tell how was the taste

Name: harsha mudliyar
City:   bhopal
Comments:   HI! FRIEND´ S i m allso tried paneer in kheer many time & yes it is very tesy & yummy for try it.but not salty paneer. :)

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