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Getting Pregnant after Marriage

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A family is said to be completed only with the arrival of a baby. Getting pregnant after marriage is not so easy for many couples. A sure shot way of getting pregnant is by having some basic knowledge of the reproductive cycle. By having intercourse on the fertile days of the reproductive cycle, one can surely get pregnant. What are the fertile days? Get answer to this question and many more such questions, just read on the basics of female reproductive system.

A married woman is indeed lucky to have the chance to spend her life with a man that she loves. It is a wonderful event to happen in her life and she would be eager to gain some information on how to get pregnant after marriage as this is what most couples think during or after a certain point in their marriage. So one should know about how to deal and make the best use of her fertile years and raise a happy family.

There is no formula or system that can guarantee a fast pregnancy but a primary knowledge on how the reproductive system functions can be of great help for the woman and t eh couple to plan and decide on when they want a pregnancy in their marriage. The woman can try out a few tips that can help her in her pregnancy plans.

Know your Reproductive Cycle

When the woman is in her reproductive cycle she must be aware of the fact that ovulation takes place every month where her ovary gives out an egg at a specific date. The ovary is connected to her uterus through the fallopian tube. The egg stays within this tube where it can meet the sperm of her husband after sexual intercourse. But the egg stays here just for twelve to twenty-two hours. It gets fertilized, an embryo results that grows into a fetus inside the uterus or womb.

If it does not meet the sperm within this period, fertilization does not occur and pregnancy does not happen. Then the egg dies to form a white matter called corpus luteum and the uterus sheds its inner lining and menstruation follows.

So if you are looking forward to pregnancy immediately after marriage, check out the dates of your menstrual cycle and know your fertile days through consultation with your health practitioner. Pregnancy happens when you have sex on the exact date or within a couple of days when ovulation takes place.

Here is How the Ovulation can be Noted

Have a quick look at how you can note your ovulation.

Count the Days in Between

Know your luteal phase or the date of ovulation and the start of the menstrual cycle, which is usually 14 days. This helps you to decide the fertile period in a 28-day menstrual cycle.

Monitor Temperature

The basal body temperature must be noted down. The body heat can be measured with an available BBT. The reading should be taken regularly in the morning and if the vagina has an elevated temperature, it entails that the woman is ovulating.

Note the Secretions

The texture and the physical properties of the mucus must be monitored. During the ovulation period, the cervical mucus is thinner and slimier.

Seek Medical Help Immediately In Case of Any Doubts or Problems

It is very important not to panic if you don’t get pregnant immediately after marriage, that is, if the couple had planned so. There are wide arrays of factors like body weight, diet, exercise habits and nutritional supplement intakes that affect fertility. A medical practitioner is best equipped to consider all possible reasons and suggest the best fertility treatment if at all required. It is often noticed and few changes in lifestyle or supplemental medication can help the woman and no fertility treatment as such is required. So assumptions must be best avoided in such cases.

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