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How to Teach Good Habits to Kids

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Teaching good habits to kids begin with practicing all the good habits by your own self. Kids are like clay, and your can mold them as you want. All the good habits which you want to put in your kids should be present in you as your kids always observe you. Read on to know more about teaching good habits to kids.

All parents want their children to be well mannered, well organised and full of good habits. This is common among the desires of parents from time immemorial and for the parents from any part of the world. But to teach children to have good habits in them is a real daunting task for majority of the parents. Just think if parenting was so easy there would be no problem in world and, of course, there would not have been so many books written on different aspects of parenting.

Well, this does not mean that you will not be able to teach your children about what is good in day to day life. Many parents think that when children will grow up they will automatically learn things. But the fact is the habits put in during childhood get transferred to adulthood. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you should stay calm and have patience when you are teaching your child anything. Reviewing is also important without any blame game or sarcastic way of talking if the child has grown up.

Top 3 Ways to Teach Good Habits to Kids

Here is how you can teach good habits to your kids.

1. Be a Role Model

Firstly, make improvements in your habits. Be a role model. If possible both of you must pay attention to keeping things in place after their use. Children learn what their parents do in their day to day life very fast and easily. Pay attention to making use of all kinds of good habits in your life and you will see changes in your children almost without any effort.

2. Teach Good Habits through Games

You can turn teaching good habits through a game. If you have more than one child, you can give points to one for reminding things to the other one. Make sure you do not give punishments or use harsh words for not doing any work. This will probably have a negative impact on the child. Make certain that your children are not taking it as a competition and try to make it a friendly challenge and see that both the kids enjoy all this.

Rewards and fun games will help them add up positive attitude towards accepting things. Kids forget things easily and they are unable to stay focused on any point or goal. You have to do this and review things from time to time. You can make a daily routine like arranging their beds, books and toys and so on so forth.

3. Encourage Kids to Practice Good Habits

If you find that the entire room of your kid is haphazard, you can help him make it neat and clean and well arranged. Do not do that for him or ask him to do the entire work in a limited period of time. When you will help him organise his things and keep it arranged, he will learn the importance of neatness and appreciate your helping attitude too. Next time you might not ask for help but your kids will be around you helping always.

The most important thing that you should keep in mind is that repeat everything everyday so that the practice turns into habits. You can do many things together like wash hands before meal, brush teeth or you can also have a quiet reading time before going to bed at night. Doing things collectively will give you no pressure and you will feel that your kids have learned good habits without giving you any mental or physical burden. 

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Shikha Chitrani.3 years ago
I fully agree with the views of this article. this is one of the best articles on parenting. a well raised child is a proof of good parenting.
Ipsita.3 years ago
Kids who have good habits are a mirror reflection of their parents. so kids learn good habits directly from parents. Parent are their role models.
Samir.3 years ago
Good habits are best taught with examples. Kids learn easily when they see. Parents should follow what they preach the kids.
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