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Benefits of Squat Exercise

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Squat exercise is the best exercise for toning various muscles of body and muscle building. Practicing squat exercise provides lot of benefits to human body. Read on to know more about the benefits of squat exercise.

Squats are excellent exercise that helps tone and build muscle. Many believe that it is a complete workout for the fitness of entire body parts. In fact, they are just perfect for lower body workout and experts call it a versatile exercise form. You simply have to keep in mind that you do it correctly and make it a regular routine.

Some have the misconception that squats are done only with weights and for the purpose of building muscles. Well, this is not completely true. You can do squats with or without weights. You get positive results by spending less time and targeting your problem areas at the same time.

Benefits of Practicing Squats Exercise

Have a quick look at the benefits of practicing squat exercise.

Toning of Legs – Squats engages the important muscles of legs and hence helps tone and strengthen the legs. If you perform squats slowly, the effects will be more intense and powerful.

Increases Flexibility – Squats increase the flexibility of joints. However, you need to maintain the proper form and do it perfectly so that you avoid injuries of any kind. The lower back hips, knees and ankles are all engaged during squatting and so the respective joints get strengthened.

Perfect Shape to the Butts – Since butts are completely involved in squat exercise, the workout lifts and tightens them giving them the right shape and form. If you want more and fast results, you can squeeze your butts when coming back to the standard position each time you squat.

Burns Extra Calories – Squats work on major muscle groups and make the entire lower body have a thorough workout. Every time you workout the muscles you burn extra calories. Increasing the intensity and resistance give fast and quick results.

Core Muscles Get Stronger – Squats make the lower back and abdominal muscles stronger

Healthy Bones and Tissues – Squats help strengthen the bones and joints and helps prevent osteoporosis in women. The bones get stronger and denser and the connective tissues get reinforced too.

Improve Posture and Balance – Many are not aware that squats are an excellent exercise form that helps the person improve his posture and balance as well. Since proper form is must, concentration is must.

Prevents Injuries – Very few know that squat help prevent injuries. This is the main reason why the world class sporting teams add squats in their exercise regime for sure.

When You Should Not Perform Squats?

The benefits of squat exercise are numerous. However, you should not perform squats

  • Unless you know the right technique, form and way
  • If you already have lower back problems
  • If you suffer from any body injury like ankle, knee and calf problems

Once you are 100% fit, you can get along with squats and get benefited. You need to start slow and proceed slowly too. Once you find yourself comfortable with squats you can increase your difficulty by adding weights. It is good to consult a professional in this regard so that you proceed in the right way.

Squat exercise not only helps in giving you the perfect shape of your lower body and abdomen, but also makes you become aware of your ankle, knees and hip joints. These help easily rehabilitate from sports injuries and relieve back pain as well as prevent from several injuries of old age.

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Hemlata.2 years ago
Squats are best exercises for well toned legs. they build muscle and take the place of fats
suyogita.2 years ago
I had been doing squats since I started my weight loss program and Now my legs are well toned. there is no loose muscle and they look fab.
Sabina.2 years ago
I like to wear hot pants, shorts and short dresses but my legs are very bulky and look bad. Can squats help me in toning my legs?
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