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Thread: what to feed street dogs

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    what to feed street dogs

    we used to give street dogs milk every morning in our office area. but someone just told me that only puppies can digest milk, and that adult dogs cannot digest milk and are lactose intolerant..

    so what should i feed the dogs instead of milk twice a day?

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    It is very admirable what you do.

    If you wish to just buy from outside, you can buy dog food like pedigree from wholesale markets.

    You can also feed them marie biscuits. Dogs love glucose biscuits but it is better not to give them too much sugar as they cant digest too much sugar also. If the dog is looking too weak, then give him glucose biscuits as it will give him a much needed shot of energy.

    If you can prepare at home, then dogs can have rice with curd. that is very healthy for them.

    All the best and may god teach many others to care as much for other living things as you do!

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    You can feed dogs breads or chapattis. They are good for their health. Glucose biscuits are all time favourites and dogs lap up all of them. It is best to give home cooked food to dogs such as mutton pieces, rotis and rice and milk.

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