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Thread: Namkarna Ceremony

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    Question Namkarna Ceremony

    Why th namkarna ceremony is held at different times for different people? When should the naming ceremony of the newborn baby be held? Is it on the basis of auspicious dates pr just after a certain number of days after birth...

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    Naming ceremony is held at different times based on planetary alignments. The time of birth plays an important role in the naming process. It determines the time of ceremony and letter with which the name should start. But basically people can have this ceremony anytime based on their preference. I didn't have any such ceremony and kept the name just like that. Basically it is done after 21 days.

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    We don't have a naamkaran ceremony. We just simply have a puja and ask the priest about the letter with which the name should start. We just decide on a name and keep it. So this ceremony has no significance in our household.

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