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Thread: 1 Year Old Toddler’s Development (12-Month-Old)

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    1 Year Old Toddler’s Development (12-Month-Old)

    Which developments can be observed in a year old toddler? How can bath-time be made fun-time for the toddler? How to encourage growth milestones in a toddler?

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    If your baby’s first big birthday is not so far, then your one-year-old baby will be able to stand alone and walks holding on to furniture. Your child should recognize her name, Self-feeding using their little finger or using a cup, saying a few words, mama, Dada and tries to imitate words. She will even point to object when named, banging objects, poking fingers, making marks on paper etc.

    Now, as your baby is able to sit independently and also enjoys the bath time, it's time to make bath time for more play and fun time. First check if your bathtub is with suction pumps at the bottom, so that your baby can splash around without worrying that he(baby) will tilt the tub. I even suggest using a bathing seat, which is easily available in most of the baby and online stores ( Adding some bubbles and bath toys like ducks are always fun. Let your child play with the hand-shower and if he/she is in play mood then extend the bath time.
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