My Son is just 3.5 years old & has completed his Nursery. My wife is insisting; we enroll him in a Phonics Learning program however I believe he is too young for this & secondly, I fail to understand the importance for it. I mean - Why should be "Phonics" be important? Won't school teach children how to build / pronounce / develop words from alphabets??

You & Me as a Parent never did that, does tht mean we were never able to pronounce / build word from alphabets etc etc?

Don't know from where, but I've started to build a feeling that all these are new forms of earning.

On the other hand, even if we DON'T enroll in this, we are given an feeling from others, that "your child is lagging behind since you didn't enroll him XYZ, so forth & so on..."

Can you parents share your experience on the same (mainly who have enrolled their child in this program & also who have skipped it)