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Thread: Baby Information for New Parents

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    Baby Information for New Parents

    Why do parents need information on various aspects of newborn care? How can parents find baby information? Which sources can parents trust for getting baby information?

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    It is very difficult to raise a child. I have seen my sister struggling with her baby every day as each day she faces a new problem and she needs help. Her mother in law and my mother always guide her. Like last night, her 3 month old baby was crying continuously without a break. She tried feeding him but still the baby kept crying. she got so worried that she called up her mil who gave her some simple home remedies. Soon the baby stopped crying. without the help and guidance of elders, raising a child would be nearly impossible. going to the doctor for everything is not the solution. So it is important for parents especially first time parents to have some source for getting information on newborn care. Now a days, with internet, getting information is not a problem. Parents need information on various aspects of newborn care

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    Parents can find baby information on websites and also books. books are a source of great help to parents as they provide complete information. the information in book is always trustworthy. Now information is also available at the click of a mouse. But one need to be careful while relying on online information. they are seldom checked and can't be trusted blindly.

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    Our parents are great source to get information on baby care. not only newborn but we require help on every stage of parenting. Also thanks to this digital world where we have great source of information on website as well. But the suggestion given may not be applicable for all babies. Just you need to cross-check with your elder once, before implementing on baby.

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