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Thread: Pregnancy Advice for Healthy Pregnancy

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    Pregnancy Advice for Healthy Pregnancy

    How should a woman take care of her body while planning a pregnancy? What is not safe for pregnant women? What precautions should women take for having a healthy pregnancy?

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    Taking care of the body before planning pregnancy is as important as throughout the pregnancy because a healthy body will lead to healthy pregnancy. Before planning a pregnancy, the woman should undergo a simple health check up that includes a blood test. This way she would be able to get an idea of her body whether her blood count is normal or not and so on. This will also help her to overcome any deficiencies beforehand so as to have a smooth pregnancy.

    Woman should try to be physically fit and should have a regular physical activity for fitness. She should have healthy and balanced diet. All this leads to holistic healing which is conducive to healthy pregnancy. She should also have 7-8 hours of sleep each night to help body recover and repair. She should avoid stress and can take part in meditation or other stress releasing techniques to get rid of stressful situations. Having folic acid tablets helps in preparing the body for pregnancy. sometimes doctors also prescribe iron tablets.

    So it is important to take care of the body in the planning stage itself as then in future, there will less of complications.

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    Pregnant women should avoid certain food items altogether cos they can cause complications or may be dangerous. Dairy products such as unprocessed cheese should be avoided as well as shellfish, prawns etc as they can cause allergic reactions which can be dangerous. Hygiene is the most important factor for healthy pregnancy. Avoiding road side food is the best way to a healthy pregnancy. Having positive thoughts helps in healthy pregnancy. Pregnant women should try to avoid bumpy rides, have enough sleep and take supplements as advised by their doctor.

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    Maintaining a high protein diet with essential pregnancy exercises(meditation, yoga). Complete 8 hours of sleep and keep yourself from mental stress, or any other negative vibes. Maintain proper checkup schedule and seek advice from your doctors, incase of any silly doubt.

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