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Thread: What Kids Can Learn from MS Dhoni

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    What Kids Can Learn from MS Dhoni

    What makes Mahendra Singh Dhoni different from other Indian cricketers? What can children learn from Dhoni? What should parents learn from MS Dhoni?
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    For millions of kids, Dhoni is a role model and an icon. Life of a cricketer is tough and to handle it requires patience. Kids can learn a lot of things from Dhoni. They can learn how to handle pressure with ease and how to react to demanding situations. A very importance lesson that can be learnt from Dhoni is that hard work is the stepping stone to success. Hard work always pays. Leadership skills can be best from him as he is a great leader and motivator.

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    HArd Work and Determination are two most important skills that can be learnt from Dhoni. He has proved that with a strong determination and hard work, anything can be possible.

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