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Thread: Parenting Advice

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    Parenting Advice

    What are the golden rules of parenting? How to decide what is good and what is bad for a child? On whom should parents rely for getting right parenting advices?

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    I feel that parenting cannot be taught but is a unique experience for all and is always a learning process. According to me to be a better parent requires patience. What I feel golden rules of parenting are as follows :
    Parents need to be open with their kids as then only they will be understand their problems and pick on the cues.
    They should try to spend time with the kids every day doing what the kid likes and these will add up to cherished moments later on in life.
    A child requires the love and support of both the parents so both the parents should take part in raising up the child and the arguments should never come out in front of the child.
    It is good to raise the child with good values so that he or she respects others and this is also the dire need of the day.

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    Parenting is a challenge but it can be made easier with some tips and experiences of others. Feeling loved is the most important rule that parents must know. They should make the child feel loved and respected so that he or she grows up with confidence and high self esteem. such kids are also able to handle challenges better.

    Another often neglected by parents is ability to listen. Parents should listen to their kids attentively. When a child knows that he or she is listened to, he or she feels happy and respected. This also boosts the self confidence and brings the child closer to the parent.

    A strong bonding between parent and the child helps in positive development of the child.

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