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Thread: Tips for Weight Loss and Maintaining Healthy Weight

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    Tips for Weight Loss and Maintaining Healthy Weight

    How to stick to the weight loss regimen? How to maintain a healthy weight? What are the disadvantages of following fad diets for weight loss?

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    Weight loss is comparatively easier than sticking to it and maintaining it. The best way to stick to a weight loss regimen is to take it slowly and gradually. Never have high expectations and that too so soon. It will only lead to low moral and dejected feelings. Chart out a weight loss plan that is not too drastic. A strict plan is less likely to be successful. There should also be some relaxation in form of treats as it makes sticking to the plan easier. Never incorporate bland diets as these are difficult to stick to in the long run.

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    Take frequent small meals instead of three big ones as this will help in kicking up the metabolism and maintain weight loss. Frequent healthy snacking is good way of losing weight. Avoid hunger pangs as during this we tend to gorge in more and crave for junk also. Intake of water should be increased to maintain the weight.

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    Weight gaining and losing is something which you cannot achieve within few minutes. You need to stick to a proper diet plan and should not miss it any day. Create a good diet plan along with some exercises. You can also consult a good dietitian as they are the only one who know the best about diet plans to become healthy and fit.

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