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Thread: Best IVF doctor in Mumbai? Is there any hope??

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    Best IVF doctor in Mumbai? Is there any hope??

    I have 2 pregnancies from 2 IVF cycles and both of them ended in miscarriage occuring in between 8-9 weeks. We have done Karyotype testing of both of me and my husband and also of the foetus .. The foetus has Triploidy but both mine and my husband's reports are all normal. I'm suffering from infertility of PCOD. I am having Glycomet as my medicine. I have high blood pressure problem (it started after my infertility treatment i.e., from past 2 years). I do not suffer from thyroid or blood sugar or any other problems as have been checked by my previous doctors. I would like to know what treatments are available with these medical conditions? Is there any hope of having a baby? Please reply. And please if you can suggest best IVF doctors in Mumbai

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    can you share whether you find any doctor till date

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