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Thread: Baby's Development - Growth and Developmental Milestones

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    Baby's Development - Growth and Developmental Milestones

    Which are the important milestones in the first year of babys development? Which developmental milestones are achieved in toddler and preschool years? How to encourage right growth and development in babies?

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    The first year is full of milestones. The baby starts to roll in 2-3 months. The baby tries to hold things or grab at about three months. There is then the crawling phase which comes at 6 months may be. The baby then tries to pull up and ultimately tries to sit at about 8 months. These milestones depend on the health and development of the child. There might be some differences in the timing of milestones in babies.

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    Most milestones are observed in the first year. These milestones may be delayed in some babies or may be earlier than the usual in some. Smiling is the first one to be observed in babies and it is observed in about 6-8 months. In about 2-3 months, babies start moving their head in different directions. Stimulating them with colours or sounds is helpful. The gripping power develops by 3 months and gradually the grip develops stronger. At about four months, the baby tries to turn. The baby turn over on his back and vice versa and this is one of the major milestones.

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