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Thread: Breast implants

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    Red face Breast implants

    Question with womens only any cheap and best hospital or dr. for breast there any other way to increase size.i am married women i need this,

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    Hi Gunjan,

    Breast implants are not good for health and in the long run, they do more harm than good. Breast implants only enhance the looks. It is better to focus on other aspects of the personality that should come out and impress others. If you really want to increase your bust size, then implants are okay but I would suggest you to reconsider your decision considering the side effects they have.
    You can do exercises that target pectoral muscles as these will help to highlight the bust area.

    I would also suggest you not to go in for cheap hospitals as it will do harm.

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    Thanks Neha but after my first kid i would required this reshape.yes i will go for good option which is available.i dont know whether exercise helps at this level.

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    Hi gunjan,
    I may be late to the thread but there is good possibility to get breasts into shape. Go for abr with ur partner. I m sure u both will benefit with it.

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