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Thread: Children and Masturbation

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    Children and Masturbation

    Does your child masturbate? How have you faced this issue as a parent? What are your opinions on a child who masturbates?
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    if its nautral why s the word "embarassing" in the post?

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    because its not d age to do all dis n it affects their mental n physical health.

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    Coz its natural for the child but wen they do it in front of people its embarassing for the parents.
    I think more than calling it masturbation, its the curiosity of the child and sometimes the desire to do exactly the thing that the parent says not to do...

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    Hetal Kapoor's Avatar Member
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    Well if we jst dnt react uneasily it may become habitual aftrwards nd I ve seen 2-3 cases in which due to non reacting or soft parents or we can say avoidance of parents children feel adicted of such thngs later on their life whn they grown up

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    Ishika Seth's Avatar Member
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    Hi..What if they start liking it from such a young age. Then if we ignore.. they will do more. If we tell them not to, they will just hide and do.. if we tell them it is bad, we are messing with their heads! how to react!

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