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Thread: Boost Your Child's IQ

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    Boost Your Child's IQ

    Can you boost your child’s brain development? How can you improve your child’s IQ? How can playing games improve your child’s intelligence?
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    boosting brain development

    Child's brain development starts right from when it is in the womb. Kids brain development can be enhanced by increasing the parent-child interactions. Connecting with a child's helps brain develop because neurons get connected through social connection and language.Learning is also often motivated by close relationships.when children don't feel safe and secure, their ability to learn is affected.

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    Hi Boost your Child Intelligence with Horlicks in different flavors. That every kids loves to have that with milk and helps to boost your child IQ.

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    The best learning occurs through active engagement. variety of learning experiences in the real world are good for a child's intelligence. Even at the grocery store, children can learn a lot by weighing foods, reading labels, and counting change.

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    stimulation is good for the development of the brain. An infant need different colors and textures and experiences.infants are more interested in the action of a toy than the outcome it produces. So babies do not need expensive gadgets to learn. Games stimulate the brain and thus boost its development.

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