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Thread: Treatment for dandruff at home?

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    Question Treatment for dandruff at home?

    What can be done to treat dandruff at home?

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    Hi sister

    just apply curd or vinegar by massage leave 20min and wash. so the process weekly twcice u can get rid of dandruff

    usually the dandruff shows ur vitamin B complex scarcity so take daily "becosules" tablet.

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    I didnt knw that dandruff is because of Vitamin B deficiency... Is that the only reason for dandruff?

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    no sis
    we have many reason for dandruff
    like atmospehere dust, climate changes, poor diet, hard shampoo
    but if u take viatmin b Complex pills or equivalent food, u can solve more than 70% of dandruff problem

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    Dhwani Singh's Avatar Member
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    Use Curd to treat dandruff

    According to me curd is best to treat dandruff. Apply curd on your scalp and keep it for 15 mins then rinse off. Do this every week to get rid of Dandruff.

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    Even a methi paste works

    Hi guys,

    Take methi, soak it overnight, make paste out of it and apply on your scalp, keep it for 2 to 3 hrs. I am sure this will work.

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    Riya Jain's Avatar Member
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    I also do what dhwani suggested. Curd with jaggary. Made my hair smooth and got rid of dandruff after applying for a month weekly! It works!

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    curd is the best for dandruff

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