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Thread: 10 Life Saving Skills Which Kids Must Learn

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    10 Life Saving Skills Which Kids Must Learn

    Which life saving skills should be taught to every child? At what age should children start learning life saving skills? How to teach life saving skills to small children?
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    Sneha Rathod's Avatar Member
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    Swimming is a basic life saving skill that should be taught to all children. It is helpful in emergency situation that can arise anytime in future. We hardly think swimming as a life saving skill so do not give much importance. It is not only a great exercise but also helpfulm in saving lives.

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    Kids are more prone to injuries, cuts from falls or other mishaps so I feel that the basic life saving skill that should be taught to them is how to control bleeding. In case of an injury, if there is bleeding then kids should know how to stop or control it. this will prevent loss of blood from major injuries. The correct method of controlling should be taught to the kids. another important skill is helping with choking. sometime food can lead to chking so the correct technique can help in dislodging the food particle and restore normal breathing.

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