My daughter is now 2 years and 3 months old. She only talks in her baby language a lot and didn't started talking yet. I speaks lot to her and trying to make her repeat whatever i say but there is no luck. I have put her in playschool 15 days before and behavior wise i can see lots of changes but speech is the only think i am worried. My own sister and cousins had delayed speech problems in my family.

One of the pediatrician she told me that she is perfectly a normal baby and guided me how to interact with my kid. Another Pediatrician told me that she is not having eye contact. I took my daughter for an assessment with one of the Child Development Clinic Doctor and he said she is perfectly normally and asked me to talk a lot to her and motivate her to speak.

I am literally worried like what should i do for my daughter to make speak / understand and respond. We all in the family seems she is perfectly a normal child and she is very active.

Please advise...