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Thread: advise me plz

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    advise me plz

    i m 32 married women.Recently we shift our flat. my hubby work in offc and 1 kid is in school.
    From day one i notice that our neighbour of 38 age has lust eyes on me. He generally come in our flat and talk to my husband has good relationship with him so sometime i too talk to him.
    one day when my hubby was in offc and kids was in school he come to my flat and started talking to me.i too talk normally but son he starts flirt with me..he say i like to u frm the day he saw to me.i simply resist to himbut he was in full mood. suddenly he smooch me and started kissing to me.i again resist him but he dont leave me and keep kissing me..that time i also dont knw how but support him and then we kissed each other pationately. that time i was ready for all this dont knw how..then he catch mee and take me to my bedroom but suddenly someone called him frm outside and he left me and promice me that he will come soon and love withme.
    i was in shocked.dont knw waht will happend.
    advise me what i do plz.

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    It's can be a dangerous situation because first of all he is your neighbour and same flat building with you. Few questions can be asked like how long you know him? Does he have a family? How close are you with his family. If u really wish to have good time with him have some matured talk with him to understand his desires. The more u know him the more better clarity u will get. If he tried once then surely there will be more try to get you. You need to take a decision what you wish for.

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    it depends on you if you want to go ahead. think about it. if you feel you shouldnt then make it clear to him and dont allow him inside your house when you are alone. for advise you can contact me

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    The question is from few months back. I hope the situation is better now. Many men lust for good looking women. It is upto us to encourage or discourage. It feels like you are interested. If you are sure, go ahead. If not, good to make it clear and avoid.

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