Hi all,

Love blossomed between me and my boyfriend 4 years ago while we were working in an IT company in India.
After that,I went abroad for 3 years to pursue my higher studies and we maintained a strong long distance relationship.
After my studies, I declined all the job offers abroad and came back to India to marry him.
He is Hindu and I am a christian girl but we both are not highly religious.
Both of our parents strongly denied this relationship mainly based on the religious views even though they liked us as a good human beings.
His mom started to see me as a person who is going to destroy her future generation. She initially said to me that she can sacrifice her son for me but I have to change for her instead.
She also asked me how I will raise the kids since its her future generation and if I answer her convincingly then she will think about the marriage and she also demanded that she will
raise my kids according to her beliefs while I said that I will raise on both the beliefs. I am aware that in Indian families the grandparents will be the one who will raise the children but I am afraid at this point since the child will develop the hatred
towards the other religion as they have for my religion as well. I agreed to most of her demands and after lot of struggles, we were about to get engaged.Initially they said that horoscope matching is good and they proceeded with the marriage talks but
when we were about to get engaged, his parents said that we both have dosha in our horoscopes. Since we both dont believe in these stuffs, we stood helpless. First they said that they want to postpone the marriage for 2 years(indirectly to stop it which I understood this later) and after that
they said that we can do some remedies. His mom called my parents and also said that she wants her son back. I understood that her level of hatred towards me has increased further and I decided to stop this marriage for good since it will affect my future family while I will be tormented by her in all possible ways.
I talked with my boyfriend initially about these issues, at first he was reluctant to understand and supported his mom blindly. But he started to speak with his friends who are married and understood the intense of the problem and he asked me to adjust and also started to discuss with his parents.
We both were highly depressed and I thought we will loose each other completely and instead of love, we might start hating each other. Once I stopped this marriage, I felt that my boyfriend might adjust for his parents sake and move on but his state become worser and he went into depression completely.
As for me, I was undergoing a lot and I came up with stopping the marriage after understanding that they will never allow us to live peacefully. Now my boyfriend wants to get back and he is saying that we both can face the problems together. I am aware that we both have good rapport and we both love each other but all I am concerned is we will be blamed for any small mishap that may happen in the family without any justification.

P.S: Even though we are not married yet, I always thought that he is the one and I never thought of life with someone else. To be honest, I designed my life all these 4 years based on his tastes and attitude.