Hi all,

Your milk doctor is back with another interesting post regarding how to massage breasts to increase milk supply and start lactation.

Breasts are beautiful organ in a female body with the most sensitive piece called nipples.
One need to be soft or hard on breast basted on individual liking towards it.

For the better results with increase in breast growth the best position would be where the breasts are hanging down like the udders of a cow. One can apply and good massaging oil. Most prefer olive oil Wich gives a good shinning look to the breasts. When you start massaging the breast should be in contact with the hand and pulled down till the nipple. For a better imagination u can think of a milk man milking his cow. Give 15 min to each breast with both hands.

There are other positions too like on sofa or bed etc but this special position gives more benefits for a better blood circulation in the breast.

Ladies who have bigger breast should not try this because it is another natural way of increasing breast size with results coming very soon.

Keep messaging you questions and I would be happy to help you out.

Milk doc