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Thread: Snacks for evening Ideas

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    Exclamation Snacks for evening Ideas

    My child gets very hungry at 4 o’ clock in the evening. He wants to eat some snacks and does not feel full with just milk. Can someone suggest some nice healthy snacks I can make for my son who is 9 years old.? Thanks

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    Growing kids do need evening snack. My son is 7 years old and by 4 o clock, he is very hungry. He just wants to have something. Sometimes I give him biscuits and fruits, but he still seems to be hungry. Now I especially make something for him like toast, sandwiches, poha and so on but now I am short of healthy and filling snack ideas. I would like to add more variety to his snacks, so I would also like some suggestions.

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    Why don't you keep some healthy snacks such as idlis, dosas. Once in a while some junk is allowed such as vada pao, samosa but healthy snack ideas are great as they encourage healthy eating habits.

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    i have a idea try to give sweet corn pakoda,it is very tasty and healthy

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