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Thread: Fillings for Sandwiches

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    Lightbulb Fillings for Sandwiches

    My son loves eating sandwiches and he loves trying different variations. Can someone suggest different vegetarian fillings for sandwiches? Can someone give me recipe of paneer tikka ssandwich? Thanks.

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    Hetal Kapoor's Avatar Member
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    You can try filling a mixture of grated cucumber, grated carrots and some other similar vegetables, mashed potatoes, pepper and cheese. This is really a filling sandwich and very healthy. Kids love it as it has a effusion of colours and taste wise too it is very yummy.

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    Arushi Sahai's Avatar Member
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    Stir fried vegetables in olive oil are good filling for sandwiches. My kids do not like the taste of raw vegetables so I stir fry the veggies such as mushrooms, potatoes, zucchini and use this as a filling for sandwiches. This sandwich is a favourite in my house.

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    Grated carrot, cabbage and sweet corn with onion, cheese mixed with suji and curd are also a good filling for sandwiches, my son like this type of sandwich very much, you add more veggies as you want

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