My son and his wife passed away in a car accident a year ago. My daughter came back from USA where she stays with her husband to help me and my wife cope with the loss and help take care of the my grand kids. she stayed for 4 months but now she is going to go back to her husband,

My wife and I are both 68 years old and incapable of taking care of the day-to-day raising of our grandchildren. I am thinking that I should send the kids to a boarding school in Lonavala. It is a very nice elite school and not very far from Mumbai. We can go visit them every other week or they can come to visit us every other week.

They have handled their parents' death very well and are no longer depressed. Do you think it is a good option to send my grandchildren to boarding school? Will they be able to cope with staying away from family 5 days a week?

Please give me your views and suggestions friends...