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Thread: Collecting Photo frames

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    Riya Jain's Avatar Member
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    Collecting Photo frames

    I love collecting photo frames. Wherever I go, I am sure to bring a photo frame from there as a remembrance. Though I have a huge collection of photo frames from different parts of the world, still I like to keep on adding to my collection. I may sound weird but I love this.

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    Mariam Dsouza's Avatar Member
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    Hi, Even I like collecting photoframes. Its nice to know about someone sharing common interest. I have photoframes from all states of India. I have not gone abroad so I hardly have from other countries. I have frames with mirror work, with sea shells and many other unique ones.

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    Ishika Seth's Avatar Member
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    Hi I love collecting matchboxes. Whenever my friends or relatives go to a place, I ask them to bring a match box from there. I do not know if my hobby has any uses but I like it this way. Matchboxes from different parts of the world have a different history to tell. Each is unique with respect to other

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    I have a curiosity. i would like to know what you do with the different photo frames that you have collected. I do not think there is much of usage unless you display photographs.

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