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Thread: Benefit of Bollywood dance

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    Benefit of Bollywood dance

    I am thinking of learning Bollywood dance. Is there any use of this dance? Will this dance benefit me in any way in future?

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    What kind of use are you expecting???? Dance in any form is a good form of exercise. It helps to lose weight and also keeps you physically fit. Besides bollywood dancing is a fun way of exercising. I just play music and dance on for an hour and by the end I am exhausted. So i feel this is a great work out.

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    If you learn dance, then you can perform at family functions. It is good to show yr dancing talents in family functions. Otherwise you can dance your way to fitness. It is a good exercise and improves flexibility.

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    Dance helps to rewind and re-energize. It helps to release stress and make you feel active. You can use this as a fitness regimen as it will keep all the joints flexible. It will keep skin glowing as it will lead to good circulation. So even though it may not seem, you will be benefited with dance.

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