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Thread: Ants!!!

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    Angry Ants!!!

    How do i prevent those small annoying black ants from having a party on my kitchen platforms?!?!?!

    We wipe down our platforms and stoves twice a day!!
    What more to do!

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    Wipe with a disinfectant. Found out the reason of ants, may be there are some cracks and crevices in your kitchen where the ants have made their home. So plug all the cracks. use natural methods of ants prevention.

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    Disinfectant can be harmful in the long run. It is better to use natural products. I put some white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the area where there are ants. This works as a miracle. The smell of vinegar is an ant repellent.

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    Does vinegar really help in getting rid of ants? I never knew about this. This is a great tip. I really liked it and will surely follow it when I face the ant problem. Mostly ants are common during rainy season.

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    Please ,

    Take my suggestions as regular and daily application or spray of vinegar is impossible ,
    Please call a pesticide person, as he will destroy the house of the ants ,in your home and than you are free from their sight,
    when you see ants regularly that means they have made a house and you need to get rid of them permanently...
    So call a pesticide officer and he will take care.

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    spread turmeric on ants, it works

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