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Thread: new oven suggestion

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    Question new oven suggestion

    i want to buy new oven. i use oven for baking cakes, cooking pizzas and dal bati.

    i want an oven which provides all round equal heat. my present oven over bakes my cpcakes in one side and leaves them undercooked on the other side.

    can someone please suggest a good quality oven company and model. size is no issue. i have a new huge kitchen that is being done up right now.

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    I have a Panasonic microwave oven. It has sensor cooking, turbo reheating and 18 cooking programmes. The model is NN-ST479S. It is really good with a sleek design.

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    Yes, Panasonic microwave oven is too good but you can also try the microwave from Next. My friend has it and she finds the cooking and baking effortless. I will ask her the model and other details and pass it on to you.

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    I presently have an Onida Black Beauty and it is very simple to operate and cooks fast. I suggest it as a preferred choice.

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    IFB is very good
    I bake cakes and cookies and the result is very good. There is uniform heating and hence no burning from a side. In many ovens I have noticed that there is more heating on the center so the cake is crusted or burnt in the middle. I like IFB and have been using it since last 5 yrs.

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    I believe KENSTAR microwave is the best as they are little bigger than the rest and also they have good reviews I am using myself for last 5 years and zero complaints and maintenance......

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    I would suggest for Panasonic microwave oven, I am using from past few years and no complaints..

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