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Thread: Foods to feel healthy and energetic

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    Foods to feel healthy and energetic

    I have been trying to eat healthy for over a month now. I used to barely ever eat fruits, and now since a month, I made it a habit to eat an apple for breakfast every day. But there is no change in my health. My stomach is still always constipated and my face is still dull. What more should I eat to become healthy and energetic? What foods are most important in a healthy diet?

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    A simple tip to remember when it comes to planning your diet : Variety is the key. The more varied your diet is, the better it is for your body. To that effect, dont limit yourself to apples. Its the season of guavas and peaches and plums! Also, green, leafy vegetables are recommended to bring a glow to your skin

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    Trust me- im a dietician

    Make sure that the following foods are included in your diet, atleast once a week:

    A portion of fruits EVERYDAY
    1 portion of raw mixed salad - change it daily if you get bored of 1.
    Seafood/Poultry. Avoid redmeat
    (If you are a vegetarian, opt for tofu)

    Whole grains
    Milk - atleast 2 glasses a day
    Juice/Neembu paani
    Dry fruits

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    Foods to eat everyday

    Try eating each of these daily:
    Apple and oranges
    Potatoes (not fried)
    Raw green vegetables, raw cucmber and tomatoes
    Multi-vitamin supplement (consult your doctor)

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    Food for good skin

    If youre looking for that sun-kissed glow in your cheeks, then here are the best foods for you:
    Dark chocolate
    Almonds and walnuts
    Red, green and yellow bellpeppers
    Soya products

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    Vegetable juice

    Drink a glass of vegetable juice first thing in the morning, and notice the change in your health and skin almost overnight! Its a tried-and-true recipe coming down through generations in my family

    Mix 2 grated amlas (gooseberrys), 1 carrot, 3 spinach leaves, some kadi patta, and neem leaves. Blend it in a mixer with a little water. DO NOT STRAIN. The roughage is whats the best for you.

    it might not taste very good, but it takes care of all your nutritional requirements first thing in the morning, giving you a much needed boost.

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