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Thread: Can women with PCOS get pregnant?!?!?

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    Unhappy Can women with PCOS get pregnant?!?!?

    I just found out that I have PCOS. I read up a lot about PCOS on the internet and now I know it is difficult for me to become pregnant. I am worried that I may not be able to have babies in my life. My inlaws are already pressuring us to have babies. please someone reply Has anyone else who had PCOS been able to have babies and tell me how i can become pregnant soon...? Thaks!

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    I have PCOS & I got pregnant without any difficulty. Infact this is an unexpected pregnancy for us. I got pregnant even before we thought of trying. I know not everyone with PCOS is that lucky but trust me, u can get pregnant & have a baby. It is true that women with PCOS face infertility but most of them get pregnant within 1 year. Modern medicine has much to offer & it is not going to leave u babyless for ur entire life. So cheer up. Don't worry about in-laws' words. They r always eager to hold their grandkids. Keep firm faith in god. U will get pregnant soon & have a healthy baby. Good luck to u.

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    Can women with PCOS get pregnant?!?!?

    Do not worry .This is very common condition. You can go to infertility expert and can go for IVF if you ARE infertile .Do not leave the hope.
    You dont know yet if you are infertile.

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    PCOS is one of the most common endocrine disorders among females. But this is curable by infertility experts. It is fine. Don't have to worry about PCOS

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    I have had similar problems with my PCOS. We have been ttc for five years. It is so frustrating to see everyone around us get pregnant without even trying or on accident. I have tried femara, clomid, and provera. It seemed like it made my cycles even more irregular and spread out. I also tried birth control, but I am so eager to be pregnant it just seemed counter productive. I also tried natural supplements like vitex, maca root, dong quai root, black cohosh and prenatals. It kind of helped me but then as the months went on the effects kind of faded and my cycles became irregular again. I finally stumbled apon a website that taught me alot about PCOS and the site was also selling a supplement called Finally Pregnant. After researching the ingredients, I saw that it was not like the other fertility supplements on the market that contain vitex, which I had already tried. I also started taking turmeric before I got my Finally Pregnant because it was mentioned on the website, and it did clear my skin up. But once I started taking Finally Pregnant, I got more energy, my menstrual cycles became regular for two months in a row, and I even lost 10 pounds without even trying. Its a miracle. This is my third month and I am on my tww right now. I will have to keep you posted on how it turns out for me. I have a good feeling about this cycle. And it is all thanks to Finally Pregnant. And this website. I want to share it with everyone because I know what it feels like to want something so bad and I dont want anyone else to suffer like I have these past five years. Lots of sticky baby dust to all those ttc.

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