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Thread: Please suggest me some tips for facial

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    Red face Please suggest me some tips for facial

    Please suggest me some tips for facial ...........

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    Question What is your skin type

    It purely depends on your skin type - If you have oily/combination skin, opt for a clean up without the massage. Dry skin will benefit from a deep-tissue massage. Fruit facials normally suit all skin types, plus they're delicious smelling

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    look at the indiaparenting website


    IndiaParenting's website has a very new step by side interactive video type thingie to show how to do a facial at home. This is the link..just remove the spaces between the words and paste the link in the URL bar and see it... http:// www. indiaparenting. com/ beauty /beauty021 .shtml

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    Cool Hey all

    I personally lovee aromatherapy facials! I get them done at Raih Salon in Mumbai...
    See this link..same like Kalash said..remove the spaces and paste it in the URL bar (thanks for the idea, Kalash!!) http:// www .indiaparenting .com /beauty /article. cgi? art_id =188 &sec_ id=2

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