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Thread: Low waist saree

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    Unhappy Low waist saree

    Young ladies please help. Give me a solution,
    A month ago, I attended a reception party of my friend's brother. I wore a low waist saree in that function as my female friend told me. She also were in a low waist saree in the function. But during the function boys continuously starred at my navel and waist. Some boys following me. Later the old men too were starring at me. Boys ka toh thik hai lekin I really hot irritated due to the old men. So I felt very bad after that incidence. Actually I am confused what I did is right or wrong?? So please help me

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    Low waist saree

    HI as a jst friend..wht i can say dat..u r intrsted in xposing urslf..(pl.dont mind it..evn if u fl bad to hear dis)..nd whn ppl starring u..whts wrong in dat..afterall u hv bcom attraction for all..u shud fl hppy dat ppl r putting their effort on u...vry lucky ..woman..

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    well its normal men will watch you if you wear these type of outfits . im not saying you have done wrong you have every right to wear as you wish but if anyone stares at you , you should stay calm and just ignore it unless they do any kind of mischief
    you got angry that is fine but you should deal with this thing if you wear it .

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    i think that there is no fault of yours if were comfortable then its alll right.....yes we can say that people have lots of spare time and energy to waste.....so i suggest u if u Are right from your side then don't waste your Energy on such kind of people....have trust on u.......

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    I don't think you didn't do anything wrong. It is nice that your beauty could attract even old men!
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    it all depends if you can handle such vibes and stares of men of all ages. if you cant then its better not to wear such revealing clothes....

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