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Thread: My parents dont want me to work as i am a girl

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    Angry My parents dont want me to work as i am a girl

    only in a country like India can shows like Balika Vadhu and Na Aana Is Des Laddo do so well!
    yesterday, i told my family that I had been looking for a job and have found a very well paying job close to my house, and they got so angry at me! They are looking for boys for me and I have no problem getting married. but what has that got to do with my working???? I got very upset when my fther came right out and said that in our family at least, girls are not allowed to work. I just left the house angry but I am going to fight with them for being so narrow minded and orthodox!
    why bring me up in a modern society and send me to the best schools and colleges awhen u want me to spend my whole life sitting in a house?!?!

    does anyone want to give me any suggestions on how to tackle my family???

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    neha francis's Avatar Member
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    yeah right. Your parents seem to be living in bygone era. they do not know that a girl has the same right as a boy does. Try to explain them in a clear way that you have dreams and aspirations and there is nothing wrong in following them as long as you are not doing anything wrong. I hope they will understand your point of view.

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    Sonia Roy's Avatar Member
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    try to prove your parents wrong by being there for every need. Prove them that as a girl you are not weak and can accomplish everything that a boy can do. soon they will realize their mistake

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    you should explain to your parents rather than rebelling. you can give examples of women achievers. By working, you can be independent. i hope they understand

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    I know what you feel. This is frustrating when there are gender inequalities in a society. This is not accepted and it is our voice that can change the way how people around us think and behave.

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    Malti Shanker's Avatar Member
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    Be the Change that you want to see around you!

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    Mariam Dsouza's Avatar Member
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    Hi Malti, Naina and the rest!

    Thanks for your suggestions! my dad made me think that he really needed my help in his office, so i agreed to join his office. but he doesnt let me do any major work there also. what do i do!!

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    Hii all, and Ms mariam. You show ur creativity and ur dedication to work. His mind will change.....

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