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Thread: Should I change my Facebook status to "In a Relationship"?

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    Cool Should I change my Facebook status to "In a Relationship"?

    When is the right time to proclaim that you are in a relationship? Nowadays everyone uses Facebook and I want to put up a status saying Im in a Relationship with my boyfriend. I know he will definitely freak out if I add his name but will he also freak out if I just say Im in a Relationship? We have been going out for a month now.

    Guys are generally very private about all this, aren't they? But I really want to let the world know Im in a Relationship. Should I change my Facebook status to IM IN A RELATIONSHIP?

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    A month is too short a time to think about relationships. This is just the time when you are getting to know each other so updating your status is not a good idea. If both of you are in a serious relationship, then you can add 'IN A RELATIONSHIP' to your status. This is more acceptable. I think this will also be not an issue with your boyfriend.

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