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Thread: interfering in-laws

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    interfering in-laws

    my in-laws are always interfering with my upbringing. they are always pointing fingers at the way i am raising my kid. I want my kid to be disciplined and be good in studies but my in-laws are pampering him and he now does not listen to me. This has made the situation difficult for me. Help

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    You are feeling that your in-laws are interfering in your ways, you should try to speak with them in this matter so that if there is some misunderstanding , then it gets cleared. you can also explain them that what they are doing is wrong that is pampering the grandchild. I hope you can find a solution to the problem amicably

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    Actually, they are not interfering, they are a grand parent of your child and all grand parents are same, I think all most mothers are facing this problem, I am also facing this problem, but I had talked to my in laws, especially my father in law that whenever I taught my son, he would not be interfering in it, they understand me but it takes time otherwise I have no problem to pamper their grandchild except studies

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